Gratitude to DHIS2 Community users for the Awesome August discussions, and even more is expected on September

Lots of gratitude from and to the community members is seen when one goes through the posts of last month; and likewise with a warm heart, one cannot but start by giving thanks to the CoP user’s amazing contributions. With the support of DHIS2 experts and other community members, many users found solutions to their problems last month; furthermore, it’s an encouragement that the learning and intuitive discussions will continue to solve the issues that haven’t been solved yet. Apparently, the true spirit of the CoP continues while users support each other, find bugs, create feature requests, and most importantly discuss the issues that matter. Thank you to everyone who is keeping this community alive and vibrant!

One quick note before announcing the usernames of active CoP users, new DHIS2 webinars will happen during September 2021 so it is your chance to engage even more with users from the entire DHIS2 community worldwide. Today, the first day of September and for the first time on the CoP, a webinar will be directly live streamed on a CoP topic, so you are encouraged to join: September 2021 Live Q&A - DHIS2 for Education

August 2021

Good Samaritans

Without Good Samaritans, there’s no community! We are very thankful to all users for contributing to the CoP especially when helping other users. Samaritans, thank you for making others feel at home!

Thank you!

Bug Hunters

Many users who faced issues and discussed them with the community were very helpful in finding bugs. These bug hunters create Jira issues (with link to the CoP post) and support the development of DHIS2.

@mykbitz Sync Failing - Did not receive server confirmation for all records (4)

Thank you!

Feature Finders

Whenever a user is trying to accomplish something with the software but it seems to be a daunting and complicated task, the CoP is a great place to discuss if there’s an easier way or an alternative solution. In fact, sometimes there is a workaround, and sometimes it turns out to be a feature request to be added in future DHIS2 releases. After discussion with the community, these Feature Finders create feature requests to shape the future of DHIS2!

Thank you!

Top 10 active users during August 2021:

Top post of the month:

September 2021 Live Q&A - DHIS2 for Education:

And a second top post of the month which raised a discussion:


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