Validation rules based on org unit

Hi, is it possible to have a validation rule based on the currently selected organization unit, e.g. for the current organization unit, only specific values are allowed in a text field?

Hi @dsurrao,
In another post a user was asking a similar question to make the data fields in a dataset change depending on the selected organization unit (OU), and I think that changing the validation rule as you mentioned can be considered a “change depending on facility?” Right?

Therefore, as you see from the response, if there are commonalities across organization units then the solution would be to duplicate the dataset for each OU with different validation rules as required and assign to OUs accordingly. If this is a good answer, please mark as solved; however, please feel free to elaborate more on your question so I could get further support based on your use case.

Additionally, I would recommend creating a feature request if you think that this feature will be helpful for DHIS2 users.

Thank you!

Thanks @Gassim, I’ve created a feature request: Log in - DHIS 2 JIRA

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Thanks! I added a vote and added the CoP to the issue labels. :+1:

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