Bulk load Template doens´t appear

I’m trying to create a template to import tracker. I am trying to do this using the WHO Bulk Load. But when using it, there is no template for me to export and fill. I don’t understand where I’m going wrong.

@gregorio did you get any resolution to this?

@gregorio and @Matthew_Boddie thank you for your participation in the Community of Practice! It has been a couple of months since you posted, but please let me know if you still need any support. Actually, I asked for support and would like to quote:


This is an app developed by another organization (EyeSeeTea) for WHO and available on the App Hub:
DHIS2 App Hub
@luciafm & @SferaDev


I don’t know if it helps, but there is a little bit of documentation and training videos here: Bulk Load Sync

Hope this helps! :blush: Thanks!

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Hi Friends,

I am having issues with the app: WHO Bulk Load. I have generated data using the template, uploaded it without any errors, but I can’t see any of the data, not in the data entry screen and not in any of the analysis tools. Have y’all used this tool? Anything I need to adjust? Many thanks in advance.

Thanks for the reply @Gassim ; as it turns out there was a more up to date version (3.14) than I was using (3.5.1). It’s a touch confusing because the CoP post was noted for 3.5.1 but I don’t think (or I couldn’t find) it for 3.14. In any event, this version of the tool works as expected.

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