Kobo-DHIS2 Integration App - "Network Error"

Hi All,

I have been working in DHIS2 over the last year as a part of the Pathfinder International MEL team. Very excited to be a part of this community.

For the last week, when trying to log into the Kobo-DHIS2 integration app, I have been getting the response “Network Error.” Another colleague in Ethiopia has received the same error message. Does anyone have experience with this issue/able to provide guidance? Thank you for your help!

Hello! May I ask what is the version of the DHIS2 instance you are using and is the app updated? I think it might be helpful if you share the full HTTP requests log, please?

Thank you!

Hi Al-Gasssim Sharaf Addin,

The version we are using is

In regards to the HTTP log. Can you provide guidance on where to find that?

Thank you!

You’re welcome! It depends if you are using a browser, you’d get the HTTP requests by opening the app then open the Console (F12) in your browser, click on the Network tab and then perform the action - then copy the response!

Maybe a screenshot would be helpful! Thanks!

Hi @ewasserman I am looking into this for you. One of our data engineers will reach out and if it’s a simple fix we can help out here. Otherwise, I think Pathfinder may already have a support contract which we can use to provide assistance. We will advise shortly.

Thank you!

@ewasserman The “Network Error” message may be caused by not having a reverse proxy configuration on the server. In general, the Kobo API does not accept requests from Web applications with a domain different from theirs.

The way we have overcome this in the past is by using Nginx to serve as a proxy when making requests to the API. It is possible that this configuration was already set on Pathfinder’s server but was overwritten at some point, hence the “Network Error” you are getting.

Thank you @jimiolaniyan. I will get in touch with IT at Pathfinder and let you know if I need any additional guidance.