Error while opening enrollments after upgrading to 2.34.1

Hi all,

After upgrading to version 2.34.1 we are getting this error while trying to update an existing tracked entity instances. This used to work fine in version 2.33.5 without any problem.

The API response is

{“httpStatus”:“Internal Server Error”,“httpStatusCode”:500,“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“failed to lazily initialize a collection of role: org.hisp.dhis.dataelement.DataElement.userGroupAccesses, could not initialize proxy - no Session”}.

This is happening even for those TEIs a user created as well.

It looks similar to a resolved issue in but since we are using the latest stable version, we are assuming the fix is applied to this patch too.



Anybody got any idea about this? Data entry clerks have view access to all the necessary data elements but currently only users with Superuser authority can edit a TEI.

Can anyone help us?

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We have the same experience on an upgraded 2.34.1 server; and yet to figure out a way around it. It looks like a bug, but we are not able to replicate it on play.


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Update: Per ticket linked below (fixed), this seems to happen on busy servers.

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