Organisation unit is closed for the selected period(DHIS2 Fundemental couse)

I just want some advice on what is really going on when this warning message keep on popping up under Data Entry. My opening period in Organisation Unit is 2020-04-06 and closing date there is nothing. If I set any period like February 2020 in data entry, the massage “Organisation Unitis is closed for the selected period” is always displayed. What might be the problem.

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Hi @Shapr0019,

Thanks for your question! The issue you are experiencing is likely because you are trying to enter the data for the period before your org unit opened.

If your opening date is 2020-04, you should not see any warnings when entering data for future periods (April, May and etc).



@Shapr0019 set your OU opening date to one that is far behind. e.g 2000-01-01

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Thank you very much

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Great Thanks

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Hello, I am having this same issue.
I set the organization unit creation date to “2000-01-01,” added the data elements to the data set, and assigned it to all of the organization units, but I’m still having the same error message. Do you have any ideas what I can do to solve this problem?

Hi @rhaye Rashida, I saw your message to Fundamentals course support - you mentioned you had solved the issue yourself. Would you mind sharing with us what the problem was and how you solved it?