Announcements and news about DHIS2 like beta-testing, new releases, changes to governance or other important information.


Welcome new community members, discuss events and talks, and connect with the people that make DHIS2 possible!


Community support for people configuring, implementing and using DHIS2. Share your knowledge or questions around best practice configuration and use with others. Not for software development related topics, but all issues related to configuration and maintenance of DHIS2 implementations.


Have a question about installing, configuring or using DHIS2, or seeing any unexpected behavior/bugs in DHIS2, this is the place to get support - or help others with their questions.


Discuss new features, apps, roadmaps Jira and everything else to do with DHIS2 software development. Need help with configuring or using DHIS2? Post in Support.

Capacity building

Welcome! The DHIS2 Academies aim to strengthen national and regional capacity to successfully set up, design and maintain DHIS2 systems. We are building a community of experts around the world and facilitate experience-sharing and collaboration across country borders.


Specific sector implementations or topics for discussions that have garnered their own sub-Communities of Practice can be found here.


A forum to share, promote or ask for any kind of resources related to DHIS2 - training materials, slide decks, use case stories, tutorials and more.


Welcome to the Translation category! This purpose of this group is to support and coordinate the translation effort among the dhis2 communities


Get in touch with other DHIS2 users in your country here to share in-country experiences and organize meetups!

Forum Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.