💎 Before, During, and After #DAC2024 conference - Community Members Shine! (June 2024 #CoPMonthly)

Hello amazing DHIS2 Community members! :wave:

:gem: Proud to say that DHIS2 Community members shine not only during dac2024 conference but throughout the year, so thank you all for your continued help and participation as a community! :pray:

:heart: First and foremost, we have so many new members who joined during June and some have already introduced themselves in the Introduce Yourself topic so please feel free to welcome them (or introduce yourself to the community if you haven’t), click here

Here’s what we will talk about today:

  • :one: One Health
    *:top:Top Topics in June 2024
  • :magic_wand: All the links you need to relive the DAC2024 conference
  • :dizzy: Interactive slideshow displaying the top ten active users during June 2024
  • :love_letter: Thankful note to all helpful community members:
    • :pray: Good Samaritans (freely volunteering to help other community members)
    • :framed_picture: Feature finders
    • :lady_beetle: Bug hunters
  • :sunglasses: cop Monthly Challenge
  • :world_map: copmonthly Map

:top: Top Topics in the Community for June 2024

:one: Starting with the newly introduced post that’s not to be missed: Launching DHIS2 One Health Website & Animal Health Toolkit. What do you know about Animal Health? What does that have to do with Climate - DHIS2? Community members are encouraged to reply to this post with their answers.

:heartbeat: The app competition voting topic post received many views and was the top of all topics, 184 community members participated in the DHIS2 App Competition by choosing the winner. Thank you for representing the DHIS2 Community! :clap: Thanks to everyone who voted, (2024 DHIS2 App Competition Finalists and Voting) Have you seen the badge awarded to the app winner? Click here

:clap: Additionally, three special topic posts that are shared by member community members with the sole purpose of helping community members:

  1. Use the DHIS2 API, @eyeseetea, DHIS2 Web API Cheatsheet 📑

  2. Another community post shared last month (in May) with the intention to help members in UX testing, @tonyjoy Guide: Fast & simple user testing for healthcare

  3. Finally, here’s an interesting blog post by @Mayamiko Getting Started with the DHIS2 CoP

:muscle: Last but not least, it looks like the topic “Celebrating 30 Years of HISP!” is still getting a lot of community attention and this is great news, so knowing that the driving force behind HISP is research, don’t miss out on this invitation to learn more about and contribute to HISP research. Visit Research forum? You can reply directly to that topic post with comments or questions.

:love_letter: Before moving to the next section, special thanks to @LucasMarcelino for sharing about a new use case in the DAC2024 Virtual Networking session and following it with an interesting post: Proposal for Using DHIS2 to Track and Control Scorpions in Orlândia :clap: :scorpion:

:magic_wand: All the links you need to relive the DAC2024 conference:

:alarm_clock: Reminder, the CoP is a great place to discuss use cases so remember to catch up with DAC2024 abstract submitters on the while they’re still around! Click here to view the DAC2024 abstract popularity in the CoP to see the DAC2024 Abstract Popularity chart (you need to be signed in to view.)
:video_camera: If you some how missed the link to the DHIS2 Annual Conference 2024 playlist. English - French
:brain: Want to digest the whole thing? Check out the AI Summaries!

Top 10 Active Users in June 2024

user profile summarized by AI using public profile info
(Tagging here all the top ten active users so they receive a notification -
@Mbevi @Quoda @Stephan_Mestach @Ulanbek @Ornella @Matthew_Boddie @eyeseetea @ACoetzer1988 @Shapr0019 @ctejo)

And thanks to all helpful members (June 2024),

Good Samaritans (voluntarily helping other community members)

Without Good Samaritans, there’s no community! We are very thankful to all users for contributing to the CoP especially when helping other users. Samaritans, thank you for making others feel at home!
@Ulanbek | @Mayamiko | @Stephencoduor | @jamal_aljadan | @sami12111 | @antony.sibanda | @Stephan_Mestach | @Shapr0019 | @Quoda | @kamiru | @jamiecarter7 | @joao.machiana | @antonia | @lnunez | @Daler | @Ornella | @ctejo | @Thomas_Warichet | @arnold | @moses_mwale | @sami.oracle10g | @ayman.tuffaha | @joseph_man | @mutali | @matthew_deas | @WaluQ | @Mikael_Gebre-Mariam | @IErnesto | @Terence_Scott

Bug Hunters

Many users who faced issues and discussed them with the community were very helpful in finding bugs. These bug hunters create Jira issues (with link to the CoP post) and support the development of DHIS2.
@nnkogift | @pmacmillan | @Stephan_Mestach | @Terence_Scott | @Bakari | @Quoda

Feature Finders

We do tag feature finders in every copmonthly so if you have features that you’d like to share and discuss with the community feel free to make a post, and follow the instructions to add ideas into the software roadmap process. :+1:
@George_McGuire | @augustsm


In last month’s challenge, the first person to vote for the correct answer was: @ericchingalo :tada: Congratulations! All who participated receive the CoP Activity Winner badge today. Last month’s easy challenge where everyone got the correct answer click here.

The challenge for this month (June 2024):

Do you still use the Events Report app that you’ve not tried the Line Listing app? How much do you know about the Line Listing app? :slightly_smiling_face:

What is the main purpose of the Line Listing App in DHIS2?
  • To play games like Minti and Kahoot :video_game:
  • To create and analyze line lists from collected data :page_with_curl:
  • To compare with the events report app :floppy_disk:
  • To handle repeated event data :repeat:
0 voters

[First person to answer correctly will be mentioned in the next copmonthly]

HINT: You can get a better understanding of the Line Listing app by watching the video series:

:star2::star2::star2: Additionally, here’s an invitation from the DHIS2 Design team to test out a functionality in the Line Listing app and share your feedback: Sample the Cross Program Line Listing functionality in the Line listing app v41 and share your feedback (please add a reaction to the invitation post if you like the idea too!) :star2::star2::star2:

copmonthly map

Please feel free to PM if you want your picture updated/removed; if you are tagged above but can’t see your picture, please send us your country info and/or your profile picture.

Want to be added to the copmonthly map?

  1. Complete your profile info (profile picture + country)
  2. Members with the above info are tagged in the map when they help other community members