🎉 Because of YOU! (New CoP feature, event preparations, and more in the #CoPMonthly)


Because of you, the community has been doing great! This post is a post of appreciation, highlighting community members’ engagement and support for one another. :hearts:

Here’s what we will talk about today

:fire: The new community feature - reactions!
:star2: Top Topics in May 2024
:love_letter: Are you ready for DAC2024?
:tada: Interactive slideshow displaying the top ten active users during May 2024

  • :clap: Thankful note to all helpful community members:
    * :pray: Good Samaritans (freely volunteering to help other community members)
    * :framed_picture: Feature finders
    * :lady_beetle: Bug hunters

:sunglasses: cop Monthly Challenge
:world_map: copmonthly Map

New community feature

Starting today, community members will have the option to react to posts with an emoji reaction. :slight_smile: Refresh the page now then you can check them out by scrolling through to the like button below any post. Do you like the copmonthly? :grin:

Top Topics in the Community for May 2024

:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light: V41 Got your attention… :+1:

Good job, DHIS2 CoP members for keeping up to date! You are already aware of the latest and greatest v41. :sunglasses:

Keeping yourself up to date with these releases is not a luxury, it’s important to know what changes and updates you will need in your systems as well as your knowledge and skills. Make sure to go through the release notes: https://community.dhis2.org/t/dhis2-version-41-and-android-capture-3-0-are-now-available/58950

Additionally, shout out to all those who joined the developer meetup where the software team presented about the new features in v41 (before the official release :exploding_head:!).

Webinars are doing great, because of you - both the webinar on NCD data in HMIS as well as the webinar on Harnessing DHIS2 for New Vaccine Deliveries. :clap:

Two abstract topics continued to get attention in May 2024:

Click here to see the DAC2024 Abstract Popularity chart (you need to be signed in to view.)

:white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark: Last but not least, is a support topic that received the solution by another member - for some reason this topic post got your attention: Program Indicators for EMIS app

*user profiles in the slideshow were summarized by AI using public profile info*

(Tagging here all the top ten active users so they receive a notification -
@pmacmillan | @Stephan_Mestach | @Ornella | @Ulanbek | @Mayamiko | @jthomas | @lnunez | @ctejo | @Mbevi | @Kalubi)


In last month’s challenge, the first person to vote for the correct answer was: @nnkogift (second time in a row) :tada: Congratulations! All who participated receive the CoP Activity Winner badge today. To see last month’s challenge and view the responses click here.

The challenge for this month (May 2024):

The CoP monthly challenge is more for fun, so sorry if last month’s question was a bit more challenging than usual. Is the below a tricky question? NOTE: DHIS2 is not ONLY an HMIS (comment for more info). :pray:

ًWhat is a Health Management Information System (HMIS)? What’s its purpose?
  • A system for baking cookies :cookie:
  • A system for improving health decision-making :syringe:
  • A system for walking dogs :dog2:
  • A system for watering plants :seedling:
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[First person to answer correctly will be mentioned in the next copmonthly]

HINT: All of this is explained in the Planning and Budgeting DHIS2 Implementations course, click here to check it out.

copmonthly map

Please feel free to PM if you want your picture updated/removed; if you are tagged above but can’t see your picture, please send us your country info and/or your profile picture.

Want to be added to the copmonthly map?

  1. Complete your profile info (profile picture + country)
  2. Members with the above info are tagged in the map when they help other community members

You know, if health decision-making is improved, there will be chance for all those (baking cookies, walking dogs, watering plants, and more!) :grin: