Getting Started with the DHIS2 CoP

What makes the DHIS2 CoP special? Would you happen to know how to use it or why you should use it?

The DHIS2 CoP is the Community of Practice where like-minded people meet to share experiences, learn, and support each other in DHIS2-related work.

This group of like-minded people varies from health professionals, monitoring and evaluation specialists, and software developers who seek to push beyond the margins of excellence in the open-source software space.

To find out more about how CoP seeks to push beyond the margins of excellence in the open-source software space click the link below:


Hi @Mayamiko

Amazing insights and thanks for raising awareness about the community! I think it’s nice that you love writing about DHIS2. I’d been waiting for this piece on CoP :heart_eyes: , thanks!

I have to comment on some points…

In addition, the CoP has a DHIS2 community coordinator who supports and engages with the global DHIS2 online community.

I’m glad you have highlighted this and I think it’s even more important to highlight that the DHIS2 global software team is active in the community as well. :slight_smile:

That is what I think about the District Health Information Software 2 (DHIS2) Community of Practice (CoP). My role here is to try and give you at least one reason why you need to join the community.

I believe you are doing a great job raising community awareness. I want to add there that DHIS2 is no longer an acronym :slight_smile: The DHIS2 now is the name itself. You know that it serves health, agriculture, sanitation, education, LMIS…etc and can be used to serve many sectors. @austin commented about this in last year’s annual conference, but I couldn’t find the source :frowning:

When I saw links in the article, I thought of sharing tip to use at least one invite link. Because of your interaction and engagement in the community, you have reached the level in the CoP platform that allows you to create invitation links. Check out

I also see that you have used that feature, so my suggestion is to use an invite link in your article. If you would like, of course. :slight_smile:

I see you that have received the Campaigner badge.

Good job! :clap::clap::tada::tada:

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Hey @Gassim, thank you for these insights. I have added everything that you have said I should add. I really do appreciate your support.

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That’s really cool @Mayamiko!

I’m glad you liked the suggestions.

I forgot to add one more thing :star_struck: I noticed for the feature requests you linked to the projects page in Jira while it’s technically possible to create the feature requests there and it was the method we used to follow, but this has been moved into the new ideas community voting tool.

You can read more about that in ideas ! The page on Jira is this (Log in with Atlassian account) and the main topic announcement is: Vote for DHIS2 features & submit your ideas in our new software roadmap process!

Please let me know if you have any questions. :raised_hands:

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Thank you for sharing this with me. I have taken note of this and made the necessary adjustments.

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