DHIS2 Web API Cheatsheet 📑

Hello all,

We have designed a DHIS2 Web API “cheatsheet” and we are sharing in case it is useful for any of you :blush:

Would love to hear your feedback! Do you miss anything important? Would you add or remove anything?

Also, we were wondering if it is something you would find useful to have printed, as we were thinking of printing some to take with us to Oslo to share them with you.

API Cheatsheet Definitive-5.pdf (167.4 KB)



Nice and well done. I just learned something new for the first time which is the /api/identifiableObjects/<id> :hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I think I will share this in the API wiki post: developers, collaborate here with API Q&As & tips you find helpful for other developers :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing with the community! :thumbs_o_up:

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That’s awesome! Thanks for letting us know.

I found out about /api/identifiableObjects preparing this cheatsheet thanks to my colleague @MiquelAdell. Other colleagues have contributed as well (thanks @Estela, @ana & @tokland!)


By the way, @Gassim I just updated the files because @Karoline found a typo.

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Hi all,

If you are in Oslo and would like to have a DHIS2 Web API cheatsheet, say hi to @ifoche or @adrianquintana, they have printed copies :slight_smile: