Guide: Fast & simple user testing for healthcare

The design team at Resolve to Save Lives collaborated with DHIS2 design team to make a practical guide for user testing your software, so healthcare staff find it fast and easy to use. The guide is based on 6 years of experience user testing Simple, DHIS2, OpenSRP, and other digital health tools.

The video and templates are for anyone involved in making or implementing digital health software, not just researchers or designers.

I suggest watching the video and then using the templates.

Links to templates in the blog:

If you’re wondering, …why conduct user tests?

  • Software that’s easier to train. Our team has reduced training time on Hypertension management software from 1 day to under 2 hours.
  • Easy for staff to transfer knowledge. Healthcare worker turnover is high in hospitals and clinics. If the software is easy to use, existing staff can train new staff on-the-job without formal training sessions.
  • Gather accurate data. Difficult-to-use software is irregularly used. Or, even worse, inaccurate data is entered into it.
  • Reduce stress for busy hospital staff. Complicated software adds to the stress of overburdened health staff.

This is great! Thank you for sharing with the community! :pray::+1::+1: