Launching DHIS2 One Health website & Animal Health Toolkit

Dear all,

We are excited to share with the community a new suite of resources that support DHIS2 for One Health and animal health surveillance.

The DHIS2 Animal Health toolkit is designed for implementation by Ministries of Agriculture & Livestock to improve routine, systematic surveillance in animal populations. Developed in partnership with CDC and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), this toolkit improves early warning and detection of diseases in animals, including zoonoses that can infect humans and cause outbreaks. DHIS2 can operate as an independent surveillance platform for Ministries of Livestock and actors working in veterinary and animal health; or it can be integrated into a DHIS2 platform alongside public health surveillance data or as part of a One Health data platform.

More and more countries are innovating with the DHIS2 platform to support One Health approaches to share data across sectors and optimize the health of people, animals and ecosystems in a sustainable way. Read more about these use cases at our new website

Please continue to share your use cases for One Health, animal health and zoonoses with the community and join our session on Animal Health at the DHIS2 Annual Conference! Virtual participation is supported if you cannot join in person this year.

Resource Link
DHIS2 Health Data Toolkit browse all resources available by health area including the new animal health toolkit
Animal Health Resources system design guides, implementation guidance and documentation
Metadata Downloads
Community of Practice Implementation Community: share your use cases and implementation experiences

We hope you enjoy!

The DHIS2 Team