Proposal for Using DHIS2 to Track and Control Scorpions in Orlândia

Hello DHIS2 Community,

My name is Lucas Marcelino, and I am a veterinarian working with the city hall of Orlândia. Our community has been facing increasing challenges with scorpion infestations, which pose significant health risks to our residents.

I believe that DHIS2 could be an excellent tool to help us track and control the scorpion population more effectively. By leveraging DHIS2’s robust data collection and analysis capabilities, we can:

  1. Map Scorpion Sightings: Record and visualize the locations of scorpion sightings and incidents of stings to identify hotspots and patterns.
  2. Monitor and Manage Interventions: Track the deployment of pest control measures and their outcomes in real-time.
  3. Educate the Public: Use data to inform and educate the public on preventative measures and safe practices to reduce the risk of scorpion stings.
  4. Collaborate with Health Facilities: Ensure timely and effective treatment for sting victims by connecting with local health facilities and tracking treatment data.

We would greatly apprettiate you guys helping us set up our DHIS2 server.

Thank you for your support and for providing such a powerful tool to improve public health.

Best regards,

Lucas Marcelino
City Hall of Orlândia


Hello Marcelino,

This seems like a very interesting use case.

Would you be able to send me an email to so that we can have a look at options?

Thank you!

Also tagging @Stefano in case he has any recent examples of similar use cases.

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This can be a good idea .I believe the DHIS 2 tool has the capability to better track the population at high risk of those scorpions.