Good Samaritans, Feature Finders, and Bug Hunters continue to impact the DHIS2 Community during July 2021

Since its launch in 2019, the DHIS2 Community of Practice (CoP) continues to be one of the most important sites visited by the entire DHIS2 community worldwide. During the DHIS2 Annual Conference 2021, the CoP received great ratings and feedback for being a place to share implementation experiences as well as give and receive technical support. During the month of July, the CoP users continued to impact the DHIS2 community by finding bugs, requesting features, and supporting each other. Thank you to everyone who is keeping this community alive and vibrant!

July 2021

Good Samaritans

Without Good Samaritans, there’s no community! We are very thankful to all users for contributing to the CoP especially when helping other users. Samaritans, thank you for making others feel at home!
@dhuser Need help: Dataset - validation rule for Yes/No value type - #4 by dhuser and more!
@didate: Get programs by type using API - #2 by didate and more!
@nnkogift: How to launch a DHIS2 App from within another DHIS2 App programmatically - #2 by nnkogift and more!
@Edward_Robinson: Peer Authentication Issues When using pg_dump - #3 by Edward_Robinson and more!
@chase.freeman: Upgrade Getting Failed from Version 2.34.4 to 2.35.6 - #9 by chase.freeman and more!
@vikwato: DHIS2 2.35 - Program Tracker Capture | Angular Error "the record has is possible duplicate" - #3 by vikwato and more!
@Mohammad_Ullah: LXC Out of memory - Containers using up memory! - #2 by Mohammad_Ullah
@ben Finalists of the DHIS2 Web & Android App Competition 2021! - #16 by ben
@Gerald_Thomas: DHIS2 patch release 2.36.2 is now available - [HOT FIX] - #15 by Gerald_Thomas
@Natalie_Tibbels: Registration Form Sections Not responding - #2 by Natalie_Tibbels
@Monjur: Bulk saving of data values in Android custom app - #2 by RahmanMonjur
@tuzoengelbert: Peer Authentication Issues When using pg_dump - #2 by tuzoengelbert
@coolsinghbro: SSL certificate does not update - #2 by coolsinghbro
@lin_xd: How to update a event without knowing the eventid but some dataeelement value, something like choosing event by filter - #8 by lin_xd
@Norah_Stoops: Utility of Data Validation Importance - #2 by Norah_Stoops
@Eric_Munyambabazi: Standalone Action Tracker App v1.0.0 Released - #5 by Eric_Munyambabazi
@Meky: Problem on installing DHIS2 on my laptop which has Ubuntu 18 - #9 by Meky
@jthomas: DHIS2 not starting. Instead tomcat9 home page appearing - #4 by jthomas
Thank you!

Bug Hunters

Many users who faced issues and discussed them with the community were very helpful in finding bugs. These bug hunters create Jira issues (with link to the CoP post) and support the development of DHIS2.
@didate: Bug In documentation
@ckamb: DHIS2 2.36.3 - TextPattern syntax - ORG_UNIT_CODE(...) shows undefined in new capture view when creating new TEI
@Natalie_Tibbels: Line list and pivot table do not give the same total
Users who said they voted in a bug Jira issue (Error: "Valid attribute option combo must be specified since program does not have the default category combo"):
@sele @ckamb @waviles
Thank you!

Feature Finders

Whenever a user is trying to accomplish something with the software but it seems to be a daunting and complicated task, the CoP is a great place to discuss if there’s an easier way or an alternative solution. In fact, sometimes there is a workaround, and sometimes it turns out to be a feature request to be added in future DHIS2 releases. After discussion with the community, these Feature Finders create feature requests to shape the future of DHIS2!
@Terence_Scott Data element value type = "image" download
@dhuser: Create Program indicator to sum DE across events - #3 by dhuser
Thank you!

Top 10 active users during July 2021:

Top 10 users who constantly visit the CoP and engage with other users by posting, giving likes, and responding to other user’s posts.

user username country
nnkogift @nnkogift TANZANIA
didate @didate GUINEA
amitta @amitta INDIA
arifazadkhan @arifazadkhan BANGLADESH
taufiqhs @taufiqhs INDONESIA
sagbodjan @sagbodjan USA
ArciagaR @ArciagaR PHILIPPINES
sele @sele TANZANIA
Mayamiko @Mayamiko ZAMBIA
asacur @asacur MOZAMBIQUE

Top post of the month:

The Standalone Action Tracker App release announcement was the top post during July 2021.


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