DHIS2 2.36.3 - TextPattern syntax - ORG_UNIT_CODE(...) shows undefined in new capture view when creating new TEI

DHIS2 2.36.3 showing “undefined” on ORG_UNIT_CODE(…) text pattern syntax on a Tracked Entity Attribute in the new capture app when registering new Tracked Entity Instance. The pattern syntax however shows correctly in the tracker capture app.

Any fixes to this issue?


Hey @ckambobe,
Thank you for your question! I’ve asked for support from @tracker-frontend and would like to quote @Simona.Domnisoru:

It looks like a frontend bug to me. The org unit code is undefined in the request to the api. Example:
Tracker capture app -
api/trackedEntityAttributes/toW5WhWzZUM/generate? ORG_UNIT_CODE=OU_211225
Capture app -
api/36/trackedEntityAttributes/toW5WhWzZUM/generate? ORG_UNIT_CODE=undefined &expiration=3
Thank you!

@ckambobe , would you like to create a Jira bug issue?

Yes sure. Will go ahead and create it.

The Issue number is " DHIS2-11514 "

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Thanks! :+1: