Data element value type = "image" download

Hi All

We are looking to use the data element value type = “image” for one of our event capture programs to capture photos for each event. We will need access to the photos to analyze and compare them (outside of DHIS2), however, I am not sure how you can download all the photos from the instance.

Is there a specific way to do it within the instance itself (e.g. through import/export) or must be be done directly from the server?

I was unable to find anything in the documentation and any help would be appreciated.


Hey @Terence_Scott,
I don’t know if it’s possible from the frontend, @tracker-frontend. If it’s not, would you like to create a feature request on Jira?

Have you tried using a SQL query to perform this? :smiley:

Thanks for the advise! I will create a JIRA feature request as recommended.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with SQL queries, so we have not tried this as of yet, but will look into this further.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Update: I have posted the JIRA feature request here: 1. DHIS2-11492

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You are welcome! I added my vote to the Jira issue you created. :+1:

Please let me know if you face any technical issues using the SQL queries or if you need to get further support with this task. Thanks!

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