Finalists of the DHIS2 Web & Android App Competition 2021!

We would like to announce the 6 finalists of the DHIS2 Web and Android App Competition! :clap:t4:

We received many high quality and very impressive applications from the DHIS2 community, and the decision to select only 6 was not an easy one!

Each finalist will make a presentation of their app on Friday, June 25 • 14:30 - 15:30 CET during the 2021 DHIS2 Digital Annual Conference and conference participants will be able to choose the winner.

Before the presentations on Friday, we invite all conference participants to review these applications in advance and come prepared to vote for your favorite application.

Join the session here.


  • RDQA by PSI (Amber)
    DHIS2 Android app for Routine Data Quality Assessments is a fork of the DHIS2 Android app that allows to collect quality assessments that are critical to verify the quality of reported data, identify causes of poor-quality data and support the development of data quality improvement plans. Demo video

  • Certificate validator app from Saudigitus (Zeferino)
    The Certificate Validator App has as its main objective to validate the laboratory results reading data from DHIS2 Tracker System. The App was developed to be used by the Airport Staff, including Health and Migration Staff. Demo video

  • DHIS2 Metadata explorer app from Joseph Chingalo
    The major goal for this DHIS2 metadata dictionary android app is to allow the end users, including non-technical end users, to explore and navigate the metadata definitions of any configuration. Demo video

Web App

  • DHIS2 Training App by WHO, Lushomo and EyeSeeTea
    Provides step-by-step interactive tutorials and helps users learn to use the DHIS2 core apps. The app is available on demand within DHIS2 and it also allows countries to easily create new tutorials. Demo Video

  • Route my User by HISP South Africa
    The app streamlines functionality for multiple users and allows them to land on the relevant app, module or URL after logging in (useful for users that have limited permissions on an instance). Demo Video

  • Program DataSet Connector by BAO Systems (Pete Linnegan)
    Links tracker and aggregate data models to improve tracker analytics. It allows disaggregations to be applied to program indicators as true dimensions in the DHIS2 analytics apps. Demo Video

Congratulations to the finalists and many thanks to all for your submissions!

For those participants that were not selected this time, we highly encourage you to share your demo videos and promote your amazing applications by creating a new topic in the DHIS2 Community of Practice. There were many strong submissions and every one of those applications enriches our great DHIS2 community and helps people use DHIS2 for their important work around the world!


Our app wasn’t a finalist for the app competition, probably because it’s so simple—but it’s simplicity is what makes it useful!

The DHIS2 Rich Text and Video Dashboard Widget provides the ability to add formatted text, tables, links, and videos to your DHIS2 dashboards. This allows for dashboards with much more flexible, complex, informative, and attractive presentation.

Check out our walkthrough video:
DHIS2 Rich Text and Video Dashboard Widget


@ben your app is great, indeed super simple but very useful. I introduced it to the Laos MoH a few months ago and they were very quick in adopting it.

We rapidly developed a dashboard to provide end-users direct access to the range of support videos, tutorials, and other resources:

The only suggestion I’d have for now is to either remove the label of each item (e.g. “Information” title for YouTube videos is not needed) - or even better, let users specify a title for their item. But that’s just a minor thing really, it’s a great app! I probably would have voted for it :slight_smile:

Bram (PSI)


Thanks, @bram_piot! It’s so cool to see the Laos MoH dashboard!

We’ll have an update soon that will remove the Information header for versions of DHIS2 2.36 and later. (Unfortunately, that feature isn’t available for 2.35 or earlier.)

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@luciafm Thanks for sharing information on the training app, its really great! How can we access the app?

The training app is so excellent.

Do I need programming skills to configure/customize the tutorial interface?

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@Amina: We are so happy that you liked it! You can get it from the WHO GitHub repo : Releases · WorldHealthOrganization/training-app-blessed · GitHub

@Magoba: No IT or programming skills needed to create the tutorial or customize the landing page. It is all dragging and dropping, writing the content and uploading the graphical materials (screen shoots, videos, or GIFs)
You can all try the app out in our life DHIS2 Play instance:


@Amina @luciafm the training app is also available via the App Hub here

The Program DataSet Connector app is also available on the App Hub @plinnegan

Hopefully Route my User will be available there soon as well :slight_smile: @Ameera @Moeti


Thanks @austin! What about the RDQA app presented by Amber? Great work, @asheets!

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@Amina the App Hub currently only supports web applications. Android applications need to be installed via the Google Play Store or another app distribution mechanism such as manual APK installation

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Thanks @luciafm, It would be great to have an android version of the training app for lower level users esp. Health facilities

Hi, @debora
I need DHIS2 Training App by WHO to set it up to my needs.
where to find it?

Video recording of the session can be found here:


@elmoujarrade you can find the application here: DHIS2 App Hub


Hi @ben , I am very interesting to test the App. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with 2.36, is it?

Incase, we want to share the feedbacks or some recommendation for improvement, how can we do that?


Hi @sele! The app is indeed compatible with DHIS 2.36. When we uploaded it to the App Hub, 2.36 wasn’t out yet, so we couldn’t select a version higher than 2.35.

If you are running DHIS 2.36, I recommend you download version 1.0.6 of the widget, found at:

1.0.6 won’t show the word “Information” in Dashboards. (@bram_piot, you were looking for this too—it’s released!)

We’re working with @austin on getting versions 1.0.5 and 1.0.6 of the widget into the App Hub, but there’s a bug in the uploader that won’t let us add them yet. Hopefully we’ll get that resolved soon!

Thanks to @austin and @plinnegan, versions 1.0.5 and 1.0.6 of the widget are now available on the App Hub!


Thanks @ben , this is very helpfully, I will definitely use the app. It is something I was looking for. Making the dashboards more attractive by using rich text content

Glad to help, @sele! If you are allowed to post a picture of your dashboard, we’d love to see it!