Standalone Action Tracker App v1.0.0 Released

Hi team;
The Standalone Action Tracker App v1.0.0 has been released with many features, improvements. Stand Alone Action tracker is an application developed to help improve effective coverage of priority interventions at the district and community level. Stand Alone Action tracker is a Dhis2-based App used by countries, programs to plan and track actions along various health and non-health interventions. A list of features and improvements can be found here: Standalone Action Tracker App v1.0.0 Release Note. Additional documentation can be found in the Manual for Standalone Action tracker App v1.0.0

The Standalone Action Tracker App v1.0.0 is developed and maintained by the HISP Community (University of Oslo (UiO), HISP-Tanzania and HISP Uganda) in collaboration with UNICEF-ESARO. The Standalone Action Tracker App v1.0.0 is available on the DHIS2 App Hub for download. It currently supports DHIS2 releases 2.35–2.36.

The app is also available for practice and learning on training instance available here: Release Candidate Demo


Congratulations! :clap:


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Hello. The release note and manual are on Google docs and saying we need access


Looking at the release candidate demo, this is what I get


Not being able to read the manual, not sure what I am supposed to do.

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Granted access to the manual.

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Try login with admin/District#1. Login details updated on the home pages

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Dear @Eric_Munyambabazi and community,

I tried to use the Standalone Action Tracker app (latest version) on DHIS2 2.37 but ended in vain.
And as mentioned that it supports DHIS2 2.35 - 2.36, I, therefore, tried to adopt it on a DHIS2 2.36 instance but still.

It shows that ‘You successfully created the intervention’ but they don’t show up anywhere. FYI on below picture

Let me know if there’s any step being skipped or I need to do something else.

Looking forward to your guidance.


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I’m looking forward to learning more about this application, and how it works toghether with the rest of the DHIS2 platform.
It would be very useful if the information was made available on the DHIS2 documentation website, rather than on a closed Google drive.

Best Regards

Well done, It’s a good news. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hello @Josue

Thank you for using the Standalone Action Tracker app.

The Standalone Action Tracker app uses tracker functionalities to store data within the DHIS2. When the app is initially opened, it creates 2 tracker programs Action and Bottleneck. The error you are encountering is because the created programs have not been assigned to any organisation units. If you are the DHIS2 admin (or capable of using the maintenance app), you could solve this by going to Maintenance > Programs then setting the desired organisation units for the programs Access and Bottleneck (See image below).


We have also noticed another issue on listing solutions that is caused by changes in DHIS2 API. We are working to resolve it and will update you after we have released the fix.

Thank you.

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Hello @Paul

You can find the Standalone Action Tracker document here

Gift Nnko


Thank you so much for directing me. It worked :+1:

But I have this concern now (See the below picture for more)

Will appreciate it if any way out is available on this?


That is the error caused by changes in the DHIS2 API that we are working to solve(see quote). For now only versions 2.36.0 or older will work. We are working on fixing it as soon as possible.

Gift Nnko


Thank you @nnkogift

I think I will have to downgrade to DHIS2 v2.36.0. I have 2.37 now.
I will test from then and get back if anything else goes wrong.

Appreciated your guidance on this and hard to develop the solution.



Hi @Josue,

Please note that older patches of several versions are susceptible to the recent Log4Shell vulnerability that we first announced here: Urgent Log4j server security vulnerability - REQUIRES IMMEDIATE ATTENTION!

From a security perspective we would not recommend using patches below 2.36.6. If you have to use a lower version for compatibility reasons, please consider 2.35.11 instead. If you must use a lower 2.36 patch, then at the very least make sure you have the JAVA_OPTS mitigation in place*.

[*ADDED NOTE: Due to the complexity of Log4Shell exploits we cannot be certain that the JAVA_OPTS mitigation provides full protection; the best way to ensure 100% protection is to use the latest patch for the desired version]

Kind regards,


Hi @phil

Thank you so much for the additional guidance on this. Duly, noted!


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Standalone Tracker is new to me, maybe because I am a system Administrator, otherwise thanks for the development.

Thanks for the advise.

Sorry, I mean to say , Iam not a system Administrator in the above statement.

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Dear @Chol

Good to hear that we’re sharing the interest in using the Standalone Action Tracker.
As announced in the first post of this post thread, if you check the shared resources you might find it useful for your case scenarios. And if any challenges/clarifications, the community seems so very helpful and active.

@phil and @nnkogift I have installed the app in DHIS2 V2.3.11 and everything is working smoothly. Thank you :+1:



Good job