Weekly Server Admin Meeting Series

The Server Administration team is pleased to announce the Weekly Meetups series to be hosted every Thursday at 12:30 pm (CET) Oslo time. Each meetup will include topics related to server administration, server security and best practices, along with tutorials, talks and guests’ interviews. Webinars’ topics will be advertised in advance on the CoP. Thursday 5th of January meeting topic will be Server Security hardening. Register now by clicking here. If you are unable to attend the Meetups, a recording will be published on the DHIS2 YouTube channel where you can also find the recordings of the 2022 webinars.


Here is the meeting recording, hosted on youtube,
2023 Server Admin Weekly Meetup - Week 1
2023 Server Admin Weekly Meetup - Week 2
2023 Server Admin Weekly Meetup - Week 3
2023 Server Admin Weekly Meetup - Week 4


Hello, my nam’s Peter, and i want to learn DHIS2. Please help me for install DHIS2 on ubuntu 18.04. Best regards

Hello Everyone,
Today’s topic will be ssh tunnelling and jumpHost.
Meeting registration link, Meeting Registration - Zoom

Hi Everyone

This week’s meeting is going to discuss a very important topic - PostgreSQL versions. The community meetings haven’t been very well attended the past month or two, so I am asking you to make a special effort to make sure you forward this on to your relevant team members.

The minimum PostgreSQL version to run DHIS2 has been 9.6 for the past I don’t know how many years. It is beyond time to move to a newer minimum version. So this week we will discuss along the lines of:

(i) features of different PostgreSQL versions
(ii) the minimum version and the recommended version
(ii) try and gather some feedback from you all on what versions are currently out there

Besides some views of Bob and me, we will also be joined by some devs from the backend team to get their perspective. And of course we want to get yours too!

Please do your best to contribute. See you Thursday 12h30 GMT.

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