Weekly Server Admin Meeting Series

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Subject: Weekly Call: Performance Benchmarking Deep Dive!

Hey team,

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for our weekly catch-up!

This week, we’re building on the performance benchmarking discussion from last week. Bob and Baboucarr took us through their approaches using bash scripts and k6.io Get started with k6.

This time, Daniel’s taking the stage to show us how he tackles benchmarking with JMeter.

Get ready to learn some new tricks and compare performance testing tools!

Everyone’s welcome, so feel free to join in and ask questions.

See you there!

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Call Reminder: - Monitoring & Backups

Hi everyone,

We’ll be discussing monitoring and backups - crucial aspects for DHIS2, often overlooked.

Join us to learn more about their importance and how we’re implementing them.

See you there!

Time: 11:30 - 12:30 GMT

Meeting notes

Suggested Topics

DHIS2 Datacenter Best Practices: Get More Out of Your On-Premises Infrastructure

This week, Ibrahim will be leading us on a session on optimizing on-premises data-centers for DHIS2. He’ll cover key areas like infrastructure, tiers, cooling, networking, and high availability.

Gain valuable insights to:

  • Understand datacenter components
  • Choose the right datacenter tier
  • Ensure optimal cooling & fire safety
  • Building a reliable fibre channel network
  • Implementing high availability strategies

Join us on Tomorrow

Don’t miss out!

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Hello everyone,

Join us on tomorrow’s call as Bob takes a deep dive into backups for DHIS2 deployments. He will discuss why backups are essential for production environments, various backup approaches to consider, and best practices for secure backup storage.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars!

See you there!

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