Anyone has server dimensioning matrix xls template

Hello Community experts,

Do any of you use any XLS template for dimensioning the dhis2 server based on the number of events/data elements & concurrent users per day.

Would be great to have a template for this for us.

Hi @jthomas

This is an interesting question. I am not aware of any template though it would be interesting to know if creating one is possible; however, in my opinion that such a template would be just as approximate as the general recommendations since this would require testing after all especially that this process needs to take into consideration a multitude of varying factors.

On the other hand, I think if there was a log or an archive of successful configurations and details about the used resources, it would be a helpful reference as examples for similar use cases - sometimes it comes across during community discussions.

@tkipkurgat, I wonder if this has been or is discussed in the server meetups? (Weekly Server Admin Meeting Series)


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