Program Indicators for EMIS app

So I actually have some program indicators I would like to create but I am having problems with that and I would appreciate if you would all help me.

So I have 2 tracker programs. One for students and one for staff.

  1. In the student tracker I would like to create a program indicator for (functional classes),thus an indicator to calculate the count of classes or org units that has at at least one enrolled adolescent girl.

  2. I will also like to create a program indicator to calculate for percentage of male students. Thus count of male pop/total student pop.

  3. School Attrition Rate, thus Total number of students who have left the school (for
    other reasons apart from
    graduation) over a period/Total number of student population at that given time.

  4. In the staff tracker , Employee (teachers)
    turn-over Number of teaching staff who left over a period/ Teaching staff population over that period.

I would appreciate your help on this. Thank you.

Hi @Emmanuel_Prah

It is great to know you are probably using DHIS2 for education information management :tada:. You may find this Implementation Category dedicated for Education Implementations useful.

If you’re completely new to configuring tracker programs and program indicators, you may want to have a read of this resource.

From your query, here are a few tips:

  1. You may have to view these indicators you want to create as a Number OR Percentage. For example:
    Number of org units with at least one enrollment: A number (obviously a count)
    Percentage of Male Students: Percentage (will require a numerator and denominator)
    School Attrition Rate: Percentage (will require a numerator and denominator)
    Employee Turnover: Percentage (will require a numerator and denominator)

  2. For those indicators that are Percentages and therefore require a numerator and denominator, you will first have to create the Numerator and Denominator separately as Program Indicators, and then create an Indicator that combines values from these program indicators to calculate the percentage value for you.

  3. For those indicators that are Numbers ( and can be aggregated by count, average, min, max, etc) you can create them as Program Indicators to return a single value. For example, the “Number of org units with at least one enrollment” can be created this way as a program indicator. For this particular program indicator, you can use the org_unit_count variable in the program indicator expression (See similar examples of this indicator in DHIS2 Demo

I hope this helps!

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Thank you, This helped