Developer Meetup: Learn what new features are coming in DHIS2 v41!

Hi Developers!

During the month of May you can expect the release of DHIS2 version 41. This major release will have a ton of improvements and new features, as well as some breaking changes. Of course you won’t be interested in all changes, but those that impact your work might be very interesting to you.

The meetup will be this Thursday, the time is, localized to your timezone:


During the presentation, several people from the Core team will present changes coming to DHIS2 v41.

Some of the changes to be presented:

  • Changes to the Login Flow
  • DataStore partial update changes
  • Login App Customization Options
  • Import/export app changes

There’s also room for questions, so if you want to know something about these changes, or have other upgrade questions, bring them to this meetup!

If you’ve registered for any of the latest meetups, you should have a recurring invite in your inbox already. If you haven’t attended a meetup since February or are unsure about your registration status, sign up at the link below:


Sounds like really important things that will be presented! I’m looking forward to seeing the presentation. Thanks!

Platform updates slides: Platform updates for 2.41 - Google Slides

Can be useful to get the links to the docs for the various updates.

EDIT: I failed to allow access outside of th organisation, but it should now be available for anyone!


Here’s the documentation how you can do a partial update of the datastore:

Keep in mind, this is v41+ and experimental!