🎉 New in the #copmonthly: interactive slideshow of active users! (April 2024 #CoPMonthly)

It’s a new month and April 2024 is over so it’s time for the monthly community post, and this time it comes with a new design. In this #CoPMonthly:

:star: Top Topics in April 2024
:dizzy: Interactive slideshow displaying the top ten active users
:gift_heart: Thank you note to all helpful community members:

  • :pray: Good Samaritans (freely volunteering to help other community members)
  • :framed_picture: Feature finders
  • :lady_beetle: Bug hunters

:sunglasses: copmonthly Challenge
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DAC2024 Banner

Have you had the chance to explore the DHIS2 Annual Conference (DAC) website? In the CoP homepage, the new banner features important links to the DAC website.

If you haven’t registered as a participant (virtual or non-virtual) remember to register and invite your friends. Click here to view the banner.

Top Topics in April 2024

DAC2024 abstract topics posted in the CoP:

The following two topic posts are have recently became the top topics in April 2024 and are the top topics in the DAC2024 Abstract Popularity report.

Click dac2024 to view all DAC2024 topics including abstracts posted by community members

reshot-icon-development-WTRS9ZB8DM Autogen Forms: Quick and Easy Creation of Custom React-based DHIS2 Data Entry Forms

reshot-icon-development-WTRS9ZB8DM D2-logger: Enhancing GLASS Platform Functionality with a DHIS2-Integrated Logging Library for Advanced Data Operation Tracking

This month’s popular DHIS2 topics:

The following topics were DHIS2 announcements that received community’s attention:
/ Submit your app for the App Competition before April 30! - EXTENDED DEADLINE

/ Announcing the DHIS2 Climate Data App


In last month’s challenge, the first person to vote for the correct answer was: @nnkogift :tada: Congratulations! All who participated receive the CoP Activity Winner badge today. To see last month’s challenge and view the answers click here.

The challenge for this month (April 2024):

If you recently visited the dhis2.org website, you’d have most probably noticed the new design and layout including one menu heading called “Domains & Use Cases”. How much do you know about DHIS2 use cases? Please feel free to add a comment as well. :pray:

ًWhich of these is not a DHIS2 use case from the Introduction to DHIS2 course?
  • Combating Malaria in Laos
  • DHIS2 used as an integrated Education Management Information System
  • Using DHIS2 for NCD screening
  • Fast-tracking COVID-19 response using DHIS2 metadata packages
0 voters

[First person to answer correctly will be mentioned in the next copmonthly]

HINT: All the correct use-cases mentioned above are explained in the Introduction to DHIS2 except one use case which you can read more about here.

Top 10 Active Users in April 2024

And thanks to all helpful members (April 2024),

Good Samaritans (voluntarily helping other community members)

Without Good Samaritans, there’s no community! We are very thankful to all users for contributing to the CoP especially when helping other users. Samaritans, thank you for making others feel at home!
@JoyBindroo | @bhaindapa1 | @didate | @Ornella | @msilva | @MichaelButtsworth | @eviesn | @jthomas | @LutfullahShifaa | @salad_guyo | @rajab_mkomwa | @Shapr0019 | @Shapr0019 | @Ulanbek | @ezbarretos | @Saurabh_Leekha87 | @moses_mwale | @augustsm | @Elmarie_Claasen | @Nelson_Magul_Moz | @jamal_aljadan | @chase.freeman | @zubair_khan | @Gabriel_Oduori | @MohinderS | @Stephan_Mestach | @potlaki | @WaluQ | @kstankevitz | @eyeseetea | @ayman.tuffaha | @diallotafsir52 | @ACoetzer1988 |

Bug Hunters

Many users who faced issues and discussed them with the community were very helpful in finding bugs. These bug hunters create Jira issues (with link to the CoP post) and support the development of DHIS2.
@ANDRIAMIFIDY | @Ulanbek |

Feature Finders

We do tag feature finders in every copmonthly so if you have features that you’d like to share and discuss with the community feel free to make a post, and follow the instructions to add ideas into the software roadmap process. :+1:

copmonthly map

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Hi all,

Although we have 8 voters already in the challenge, three have answered the correct answer. The uses cases that are mentioned in the course itself are not the correct option, which use case is NOT mentioned in the Introduction to DHIS2 course? :wink:

Additionally, top ten active users, you might have not received a notification that you’re in the top ten active users this month so here’s a tag: @Ornella @Mofo @sami12111 @Ulanbek @kstankevitz @riwaj.amakomaya @ayman.tuffaha @Gabriel_Oduori @augustsm @elmoujarrade. I hope you like the slideshow :dizzy: (BTW, The text in slideshow is generated by ChatGPT based on public profile info. :slight_smile: )

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Congratulations (@diallotafsir52 @WaluQ @jthomas @Shapr0019 @Mayamiko @JoyBindroo @Mbevi @Abdulrahman @ericchingalo @nnkogift) on winning the CoP Activity Winner Badge.

The correct choice is “Using DHIS2 for NCD screening” which is not mentioned in the course but is mentioned here: Impact Story: Diagnosing Noncommunicable Diseases with DHIS2 in Rwanda for Improved Treatment Access

I hope you’re up to the next fun and easy challenge :smiley: 🎉 Because of YOU! (New CoP feature, event preparations, and more in the #CoPMonthly)


Thanks all for being part of the DHIS2 Community