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(Claire Brereton) #127

Hi my name is Claire. I am new to DHIS2; I am exploring it because I want to build a system for children’s environmental health and I I think I may have found the place. I have just completed the first online academy and am excited about the potential here. Where can I find out which Pacific Islands use DHIS2? I can see Solomons and Vanuatu on the world map but that’s all.
Looking forward to getting to know you!

(Kjerstin Andreasen) #128

Hi Claire, Welcome to DHIS2 and the CoP.

In the post below, you will find a list of the countries implementing DHIS2.

@Shurajit_Dutta may be able to provide more details about the DHIS2 activity in the Pacific Islands.

(Claire Brereton) #129

Hi Kjerstin. Thank you for the welcome :grinning:
I am hoping that if I include @Shurajit_Dutta in this post he or she will be able to contact me to give me some further information about the Pacific Islands.
As you can see I am learning my way around here.
Seasons Grretings!


Emerlinda Alembe is born in Douala . It was following the death of her grandmother (12 years old) due to a surgical error that she decided to become a doctor later on, even after the difficulties encountered during her parents’ divorce in order to improve the quality of patient care in her country. 4 years later, she “will make a gift of herself” by deciding to “give hope to others” while “causing a real impact”, She will join the FOCOLARI Youth Movement (created by Chiara Lubich) and will go to Central African Republic to give hope to the young people who in 2006, faced the War and its consequences, later in 2008 for the same ones.

As soon as she arrives, she will enroll in the Guinean Red Cross, where she will develop her skills in volunteerism and humanitarian work and eventually become a relief worker. She has a rich experience in the associative life in Guinea and is very involved in sustainable development issues, including defending the rights of children (especially orphans) and young people. Collecting material (clothing, food, medicine, etc.) in order to give it to people in need did not meet her objective of "making a real impact". This was the result of her various training sessions with the National AIDS Centre (CNLS), where she ended up raising awareness and distributing massively male condoms to nearly 50 000 young people, she had a training with the Yali (Young African Leadership Initiative) CRL Regional Centre in Dakar, she initiated also the animation of several projects on citizenship and the promotion of human rights, in particular the Rights to Education, Health, Food and Environmental Protection.

That its real impact began as follows:

Partnership with 2/27 supermarkets in the city of Conakry with the aim of providing free long term products with an average durability date is less than a month to orphans, beggars of the CITY OF CONAKRY, elementary school volunteer education course for orphans in Guinea and the donation of health equipment to the pediatric department of Ignace Deen public Hospital following a children’s fair,
She was selected and trained in the YALI Civic Leadership program, a member of the Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network (CYPAN), Health Environmental Safety in the Workplace (SSE), Amnesty International’s Refugee Law, and the National Observer of the 2015 Presidential Elections in Guinea.

(Dr. Maqsood A. Bangash) #131

I am Dr. Maqsood A. Bangash, working in TB Control Program Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan since 2011. I am involved in the morbidity method of Drug Quantification and Drugs Forecast here. So am the part of DHIS 2 community to get myself in to have access to case based data to use it for correct quantification of drugs.

(Pantaleon Shoki) #132

Greetings from Tanzania. I am currently working with John Snow Inc. in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania as the Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Learning (MERL) Advisor for the Community Health and Social Welfare Systems Strengthening Program. We use DHIS2 data to respond to the “So what questions” for our program.

(PJ) #133

Hi Everyone, I am Prosper Jorram from Tanzania and I am so excited to be part of this great community. I am an IT Support and Technician by professional. I started working with DHIS2 with TNC Africa as part of implementing monitoring and evaluation of NTRI/EENT & Water Fund project. I hope to learn and contribute as part of this community.

(James Omutsani) #134

So nice to have you here @pjorram!


(Irongo Daniel) #135

Hi all, great to be part of this Community, am a Digital M&E Specialist with World Vision Uganda. Am part of the efforts to ensure access to DHIS2 at health facilities in Uganda. Have a blast of 2019

(James Omutsani) #136

Welcome to the DHIS2 family @irongodaniel!


(Irongo Daniel) #137

Many thanks @jomutsani, looking forward to learning & collaboration

(Nguafack Dubliss) #138

Hi DHIS2 community,
Am Dubliss Nguafack from Cameroon. i am data manager for the National Tuberculosis Program, Ministry of Health. I am particularly happy joining this community to exchange ideas on DHIS2. I am new here and i believe am going to learn a lot here

(James Omutsani) #139

Welcome to the community @waksun !

Feel free to visit the various Categories in this platform and contribute to the various discussions as we support each other to implement in the best way possible!


(Kristiyan Panayotov) #140

Hello Everyone!

The new community platform looks great! I am excited to see DHIS2 grow!

I am Kristiyan Panayotov - Environmental scientist. Currently working with LogicalOutcomes and doing a PhD with Sofia University.
I have used DHIS2 for 3 years - Implementation of M&E systems.

Good luck to everyone!


(Sara Gaudon) #141

Hello and Happy New Year -

My name is Sara Gaudon, I work with LogicalOutcomes based in Toronto Canada. Our non-profit has a mission to expand evaluation and monitoring capabilities in the NGO space. Since identifying DHIS2 as an awesome M&E platform, we help small and medium sized NGOs, often in non-health contexts, set up DHIS2 instances virtually.

You may have seen our YouTube training videos (

This year I will attend the DHIS2 symposium in Washington (April), and the ‘experts’ conference in Oslo (June). I moderate the Humentum Webinar series #DHIS24iNGOs, we are always looking for new topics and panelists to share.

This year at LogicalOutcomes we are working on PowerBi integration, GDPR compliance, and hope to share some training resources on this site (tip sheets and other quick reference guides).

It’s a pleasure to be a part of this growing community!

(Mike Bitok) #142

Hello DHIS2 Community, my name is Mike. I am an informatics professional- (DHIS2, Data Modeling/Visualization) based out of Los Angeles with the Elizabeth Glaser PAF. The DHIS2 community is a great initiative, I am looking forward to learning from you all, and will also contribute to the knowledge base.

(James Omutsani) #143

Welcome to the community @mykbitz! We are glad to have you here :smile:

Feel free to check out the Categories we have in the Community and always chip in whenever you see something of interest, or that which you are proficient in.


(Mike Bitok) #144

Thanks James :sunglasses:

(Kamgang) #145

Hello every one!

I am Jean Baptiste Kamgang, I was the primary informatics technical advisor at CDC for the cholera emergency management flagship project in Cameroon, and the Informatics focal person at CDC for Guinea post Ebola outbreak recovery for the last 5 years (2014-2018). I managed implementing partners in those countries, by reviewing their scopes of work, budgets, and deliverables.

In Guinea, our partners implemented DHIS2 to report aggregate data for routine public health surveillance.
In Cameroon, our partners introduced DHIS2 tracker module to monitor and manage case based surveillance of cholera in two districts with the plan to scale up the program nationwide and to add more epidemic prone diseases (yellow fever, malaria, measles) to the case base surveillance program.

(James Omutsani) #146

Welcome to the community @Jean ! :smile:

Kindly feel free to check out the Categories we have in the Community and also contribute to the discussions.

It’s great to have you here!