Introduce yourself

(Neeraj Gupta) #106

Hello community,

My name is Neeraj Gupta and I am from India, I have been working on DHIS2 since last 10 years and have been part of many DHIS2 implementations.

I have been part of many academies as trainer, customization, design and development of DHIS2 instances. I am still learning DHIS2.

(Ahmad Al-Hashmi) #107

Hello everyone,

My name is Ahmad Al-Hashmi and I am from Kurdistan Region, I have some information about DHIS2. I work in one NGO as Data Collection and analyst.

Thank you for this community.

(Victor Katuna Sinyangwe) #108

Hello Victor here from Zambia, Lusaka city,
I have been involved with Monitoring and Evaluation work for the past 10 years and mainly around HIV programming. For 5 years I had the opportunity of leading a unit tasked with supporting ART clinics improve patient record management. I was introduced to Smart care and DHIS2 during this period. I am happy to join this family to add to my experience and also share my thoughts on where we need to go.

Happy sharing,

(Asif) #109

Hello! This is Asif from International Rescue Committee (IRC). I’m based in NY and manage team of DHIS2 experts located in Nairobi. My team is responsible for everything related to DHIS2 on the technical front including capacity building. Love to be part of the community here.

(Lutfullah Shifaa) #110

Hello Community Mates
Greetings from Afghanistan. I am Lutfullah Shifaa working as MIS manager in Ministry of Health in HMIS department. HMIS department has the role of leading all databases/applications in Ministry of Health. We have started implementation of DHIS2 as a national data warehouse in our country.

I am leading design and implementation of DHIS2 in Afghanistan and so far we have been able to design HMIS, EPI, TB, Blood Bank, Drug Demand Reduction, HIV, Malaria and so on in DHIS2. We have been struggling localizing DHIS2 in terms of language and calendar in which we have good progress. We have conducted home country DHIS2 academies such as {Design and Customization, Tracker and Information use} with the help of HISP India and we are very thankful to HISP India.

We are looking to have a successful story in this area and be an active member of the community; and thanks to everyone supported us so far.

(Mike Johnson) #111

Hey everyone! :raising_hand_man:t3:

I work for Partners In Health in the US office, and we work with DHIS2 in a few countries: Malawi, Liberia, Haiti, and Lesotho. We also operate EMR using OpenMRS, and other digital apps like CommCare. We contemplate integration with DHIS2 but have not had the right opportunity yet.

Looking forward to being a more active member of this community!

I grew up in Colorado, studied at VU in Amsterdam, started at PIH in Boston, and now I live in Kansas City.

(sarder) #112

Hello Everyone,

I am Sohel Sarder, I am working with @PSI (Population Services International), Bangladesh team as a MIS manager. We are thinking of using DHIS2 as a heath information management system for SHN (smiling sun network) clinics. I have installation, customization, implementation and user experience of different Health Information System (i.e. OpenSRP, OpenMRS, Bahmni and DHIS2). I was involved with development of OpenSRP and DHIS2 integration. From this community I want to learn more advance usages of DHIS2 from #DHIS2 experts.

(Filmon) #113

Glad to see the community expanding. My name is Filmon H.Tesfai. I am currently in South Africa. Came to l ow Dhis2 while I was working in HMIS Eritrea. We made DHIS2 the official and singular health information system platform of the country in 2017. Due to the slow internet connectivity and poor network infrastructure I was actively engaged in installation of DHIS2 offline mode. It was a successful project.


(Herbert Kiwalya) #114

Hi there,
My name is Herbert, I am working with Busitema University in Uganda. I am excited about this community, i assume its going to be of great help to the kind of work i do. We are thinking of using DHIS2 as a health information management system in Mbale Regional Referral Hospital starting with the Main theatre and Neonatal unit as pilots.

(Gérard Bisama) #115

Hi All,

My name is Gérard Bisama. I am based in D.R.Congo and I work with IntraHealth International. As Health Informatics Technicl Advisor in Sub Saharan countries, the main purspose of my work is to provide technical assistance to partners on the implementation of HIS solutions such mobile system for data collection, Human resources Information Systems, HMIS and EHR. On of the big part of my work is to develop interoperability solution based on the standardized language such as FHIR/mCSD, CSD.

(Abdallah Ally) #116

Hello Stanley. I’m Abdallah Ally also working for FHI360 as a Database Manager for a very big project called “Boresha Afya”. I would like to connect with you, I’ll try to check you on Skype for Business.

(Abdallah Ally) #117

Hello team. I’m Abdallah Ally. A native and currently living and working in Tanzania, East Africa for FHI360 as a Database Manager for a very big multi-partner project named “Boresha Afya”. We are using DHIS2 to collect project data.

My Skype ID is “AbdallahAllyMaths”

(Maximo Ramirez) #118

Hello DHIS2 community!

My name is Maximo Ramirez and I’m getting more and more interested in DHIS2. I work as a Data Engineer in ISGlobal and I’m based in Barcelona, Spain. Concretely, I currently work in a project called TIPTOP which aims to transform antimalarial preventive therapy during pregnancy in sub-Saharan Africa. I work in DRC, Nigeria, Mozambique and Madagascar. In this project, we are using DHIS2 as our routine monitoring tool.

Happy to be part of this community!

(Stanley Kalyati) #119


Please do search for me on Skype for business as follows: Stanley Kalyati,FHI360 Malawi

Talk to you soon.


(Luigi Nunez) #120

Hello! I’m Luigi Nunez, and I work as the Associate Monitoring Advisor for malaria and WASH at Population Services International. Looking forward to learning from and contributing to this community!

(riddy ndoma) #121

I’m Riddy from DRC, I’m working at Bluesquare, Brussels-based company that helps organizations in digitizing data. Especially with DHIS2 and other home tools.

(Herald Luwizghie) #122

Hie everyone,

I am based in Blantyre, Malawi. Currently I am a Local Systems Administrator of DHIS2 in Malawi.

I have help in the implementation of MW HTS (Sifpo2 Project for HTS) which is currently in use in our country.

I also assisted in the implementation of MW VMMC (PEPFAR) currently being piloted.
I like Web diesigning on most of my free time.

Happy to join the community.

(Alefe Meresa) #124

Hello, I’m Alefe Meresa from Ethiopia, currently working for PSI Ethiopia as Local System Administrator and DHIS2 Data quality Advisor for all projects. it is amazing to connect with DHIS2 family across all the world…Great work DHIS2 team experts! Cheers!

(Bernard Sadaka) #125

Hello All,
My name is Bernard Sadaka and I’m a computer engineer working for PUI Premiere Urgence Internationale (NGO) in Lebanon as Information Management Advisor.
We started using DHIS2 at the beginning of 2018 for case management for our health project and now we are also implementing it for other non health projects for case management as well as for reporting.
I’m responsible for the server side implementation as well as the DHIS2 software programming of the programs/events/data capture/indicators and reports/dashboards.
Thank you for this great community and looking forward to contributing as well as finding solutions in here.
All the best,

(Zeferino Saugene) #126

Hi everyone,

I am Zeferino Saugene, from Mozambique. I work for HISP and been involved in DHIS2 implementation projects in a number of African countries.

I am very pleased to be part of this community.