February Leaves Us with more DHIS2 Opportunities - #CoPMonthly

Thanks to all community members for their continued engagement in the community. The second month of the year 2024 is over but leaves us with more opportunities to engage with the DHIS2 community including academy updates, software roadmap community tool, and two new tags (ideas + community-discussion).

Top Topics in the Community for February 2024

First and foremost, you all must have heard the new tool used by the DHIS2 developers to gather feature requests and insights from the community directly into the software roadmap process, see topics listed with the tag: ideas!

It’s good to add the ideas you believe are helpful, but it’s also great to share these ideas with the community and discuss how helpful an idea is for specific use cases because when you do, you will probably encourage others to vote for an idea. Additionally, even if you didn’t create the idea, feel free to share where you’ve used your votes. :slight_smile:

Every now and then there will be these sort of topics where community members are calling for a discussion about certain features or ideas, so a new tag has been created to highlight these topics (starting this month), see community-discussion.

Developers in the DHIS2 Community of Practice have been quite active in showing community spirit including presenting during the monthly developer meetup: February Developer Meetup Announcement: Community Presentation, SEMIS Capture App by Saudigitus. Also, for developers, make sure to check out the new Integration Docs on DHIS2 Developer Portal

There were quite a number of important DHIS2 academy topics this month such as Announcing our 2024 Academy schedule & program updates (and in French: Nouveau calendrier des Académies 2024 et mise à jour du programme de formation DHIS2), Updates to our DHIS2 Academy Program, and two in-person academies: Upcoming DHIS2 Education Conference & Academy, 6 - 10 May 2024 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Upcoming Implementing Integrated Information Systems Academy, 8-10 April 2024

An important aspect about the CoP is that people from all over the world can share their experiences and knowledge, and one driving force for the community spirit is hearing about the stories from around the world:

Bangladesh: Electronic aggregated data collection on cervical cancer screening in

Laos: Impact story: Improving surveillance of infectious diseases in Laos with DHIS2

Egypt: Egypt deploys DHIS2 for emergency and humanitarian response

Zambia: UX research in the field: Conducting usability testing on the DHIS2 Android app in Zambia

Maldives: Capture App User Testing in the Maldives

Finally, want practical approaches to functional-design, don’t miss out this helpful resource: User Understanding Made Easy: DIY templates for gathering user feedback

What about you? What has been the most interesting topic post for you this month or all time? Feel free to reply to this post with YOUR perspective on which is the TOP topic and mention why please, thanks!


In last month’s challenge, the first person to vote for the correct answer was: @Matthieu :tada: Congratulations! All who participated receive the CoP Activity Winner badge today. To see last month’s challenge and view the answers click here.

The challenge for this month (February 2024):

Do you know how to use DHIS2 as a software only or are you also more familiar with the history, development, and implementations of DHIS2 as well? Why do you think is a vital aspect to the worldwide adoption of DHIS2 (See Worldwide Map: DHIS2 in Action

What is one key factor that contributed to the worldwide adoption of DHIS2?
  • The global HISP network and focus on local capacity building
  • Can be downloaded and installed with one click
  • It’s being taught in all major universities around the world
  • It was translated to all languages instantly
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[First person to answer correctly will be mentioned in the next copmonthly]

HINT: You can gain clearer insight into DHIS2 Implementations by taking DHIS2’s free online course, Planning and Budgeting DHIS2 Implementations | DHIS2 Online Academy

Top 10 Active Users in February 2024

Username Name Country
@mugisha_alain mugisha alain RWANDA
@sami.oracle10g Sami Yassin YEMEN
@Shapr0019 Shapr0019 ZIMBABWE
@gutorm Gutorm Høgåsen NORWAY
@jetisco4u Jet NIGERIA
@MohinderS MohinderS INDIA
@fernandoshake fernando shake MOZAMBIQUE
@Ulanbek Ulanbek KYRGYZSTAN

And thanks to all helpful members (February 2024),

Good Samaritans

Without Good Samaritans, there’s no community! We are very thankful to all users for contributing to the CoP especially when helping other users. Samaritans, thank you for making others feel at home!
@AllanLusui | @Kenyuri | @Shapr0019 | @Ulanbek | @WaluQ | @jamal_aljadan | @Fernando_Inacio | @jamiecarter7 | @mohammadayub864 | @kose | @antony.sibanda | @Tsvuky | @Barnabas_Akumba | @ben | @MohinderS | @SamuelJohnson

Bug Hunters

Many users who faced issues and discussed them with the community were very helpful in finding bugs. These bug hunters create Jira issues (with link to the CoP post) and support the development of DHIS2.
@Amza | @alexander_carrasquel | @arnold | @riaz.somc

Feature Finders

We do tag feature finders in every copmonthly so if you have features that you’d like to share and discuss with the community feel free to make a post, and follow the instructions to add ideas into the software roadmap process. :+1:

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Congratulations on receiving the CoP Activity Winner badges… :slight_smile: Remember to check out this month’s challenge: 🌍 March 2024, a month of DHIS2 projects and ideas! - #copmonthly