User Understanding Made Easy: DIY templates for gathering user feedback

Dear Community Members,

The design team is happy to share a resource that could be incredibly helpful, especially if you’re interested in understanding your users better but may not be familiar with UX research techniques. We’ve put together a collection of easy-to-use templates and sample documents aimed at helping you talk to your users effectively. These resources can guide you through the process of gathering insights from the people who use your products or services.

You can access these resources through the following Google Drive link:
Templates and Printables for UX Research - Google Drive

  • You will find two folders: 01 Templates, 02 Printables

'01 Templates’ offer a basic structure in the form of simple templates to guide you in planning, conducting and summarising interviews or usability tests. These tools help evaluate the user-friendliness of your DHIS2 configuration.

  • Use ‘01 Template - Plan’ to organize your interview/usability test, covering goals, questions, participant criteria, a sample interview guide, and tasks.
  • Use ‘02 Template - Synthesis Report’ to consolidate findings from interviews/usability tests, comprising an executive summary and a detailed report.
  • Use ‘Notes and Analysis’ as a workspace for real-time note-taking and analysis, which includes a sample Analysis page.

‘02 Printables’ offer printable documents to support your interview/usability test planning:

  • Use ‘02 To-do list’ to track pre- and post-interview/usability test tasks. Adapt it as needed to fit your timeline.
  • Refer to “Example- Condensed Interviewer’s Guide” as a model to create a concise version of a longer guide. Such simple, streamlined guides help interviewers steer conversations effectively without feeling overwhelmed or losing track of the script.

Feel free to download and customise these templates to your needs. If you have any questions, suggestions, or need further assistance, please feel free to respond to this thread, or email us at We are very open to receiving feedback, and hope to provide you with improvised versions in the future!

Kind regards,

on behalf of the Design Team, DHIS2


We added a few more useful templates and made a 40 minute video on how to conduct user tests, to make software healthcare staff find easy to use.

The video and templates are for anyone involved in making or implementing digital health software, not just researchers or designers.

For folks who are interested, I suggest watching the video and then using the templates.

More details and resources here: