Capture App User Testing in the Maldives

With collaboration from the Maldivian Ministry of Health, WHO, and HISP Sri Lanka, we conducted usability testing efforts for the DHIS2 Capture App in the Maldives. We engaged with 15 participants in 9 facilties, including Community Health Officers, Nursing Staff, Medical Officers, and Data Managers. We focused on their point of care implementations of tracker related to Immunization, Primary Health Care, Cancer Registry, Growth Monitoring, and RMNCH.

Our primary objective was to enhance understanding of the workflow processes involved in Tracker Capture, with a specific focus on how, when, and where data is captured within the system. Additionally, we sought feedback on the newly designed referral/linked events, transfer and working list features within the Capture App. The refinement of referral functionality represents one of the final steps towards achieving feature parity with the Tracker Capture app, and the insights gathered from these usability tests are anticipated to be incorporated into the upcoming 2.41 release.

And a big thank you to @Pamod and the MOH for all the coordination and support!