February Developer Meetup Announcement: Community Presentation, SEMIS Capture App by Saudigitus

Hi everyone! It’s time for our next Developer Meetup, happening 2024-02-08T10:00:00Z.

This Meetup we’ll be joined by Saudigitus who will present their Android SEMIS Capture App. Not only will you get a demo of how the app works, you’ll also see an insight in the code, challenges they faced while developing the application, and their configuration and deployment options.

The app is available open source on Github, so you can already have a look at the code and prepare any questions you might have. GitHub - Saudigitus/dhis2-emis-android: DHIS 2 data and tracker capture app for Android

Their description of the app:

The app responsible for the daily attendance where it will be possible to register the presence or absence of the student in educational institutions on a daily basis. The user will be able to filter using the general filter of students and having the required list will be able to select the status for each of the students.

EMIS is the extension of the DHIS2 (District Health Information Software) software platform from the health sector to the education sector for the collection, analysis, visualisation and use of individual and aggregated data from educational institutions. Several countries around the world are implementing DHIS2 for education, including Uganda, Gabia, Eswatini, Togo, Mozambique and Sri Lanka.



The recording is here:


Thanks for sharing Rene and good job team Saudigitus!