Where can I find DHIS 2 Quickstart Tutorial?


(Phemelo Khetho) #1

Where can I find DHIS 2 Quickstart Tutorial? An end-to-end quick start tutorial that one can use to get started quickly with DHIS 2.

(James Omutsani) #2

Hi @Khetho,

We are glad that you are truly interested in knowing more about DHIS2.

Currently, are working on having all resources here for easy access but that won’t stop us from linking you to the right resources.

For beginners, I would recommend you get yourself acquainted with the system by doing an online DHIS2 Fundamentals course available on https://academy.dhis2.org/courses/ to get you started.

Our website too https://www.dhis2.org/learn has a lot of learning resources that you will find easily accessible; plus the team is always here on standby in case you may need any help.

Let me know if you need anything as you kick-start your DHIS2 Journey!


(Phemelo Khetho) #3

Thanks a million @jomutsani. I have just registered with the DHIS2 academy. Cheers!

(James Omutsani) #4

That’s great @Khetho. Let me know how it goes!


(James Omutsani) #5

Hi @Khetho,

Any progress so far?

You can check out Logical Outcomes on Github - they have developed some resourceful materials on DHIS2 Curriculum that is important for Learners.