Can anyone help me with getting started with dhis2?

I have installed a local instance of dhis2 on my machine, i have gone through the manual but that seems to be trivial than expected . Any help regarding how to figure out dhis2 would be well appreciated ,i am unable to understand how to just start off with dhis2, all of that seems extremely greek and latin to me. I humbly request anyone on this forum to help me out with the same.

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Hi @Minhaas,

Welcome to DHIS2 community! Here is a great online DHIS2 fundamentals academy. It helped me to understand DHIS2 better and I hope it will do the same to you. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Gintare for sharing this. @Minhaas - You should also check out this thread for more resources on DHIS2: Where can I find DHIS 2 Quickstart Tutorial?. Keep us in touch with your progress so that we may know how best to be of assistance.