D2-logger: Enhancing GLASS Platform Functionality with a DHIS2-Integrated Logging Library for Advanced Data Operation Tracking

This abstract has been accepted at the 2024 DHIS2 Annual Conference

d2-logger: Enhancing GLASS Platform Functionality with a DHIS2-Integrated Logging Library for Advanced Data Operation Tracking

The Global Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System (GLASS), a pivotal initiative by the World Health Organization (WHO), facilitates the reporting of antimicrobial resistance and antimicrobial use (AMR) data by countries worldwide. Following our presentation at DAC 2023, we announce the successful implementation of the GLASS platform as a custom DHIS2 web application, utilizing the WHO Integrated Data Platform (WIDP) as its backend. This application is now operational and actively used for real data registration. A key challenge encountered in the development of GLASS was the tracking of Product and Substance level data in antimicrobial consumption. This necessitated an innovative solution to effectively represent and manage the outcomes of complex backend scripts performing extensive data recalculations. These scripts not only updated historical data in the DHIS2 programs but also generated informative logs critical for administrators overseeing the data in these modules. To address this, we developed a novel npm library designed for integration into JavaScript applications. This library facilitates the seamless transmission of log data to DHIS2. Upon initialization and configuration with minimal parameters, the library allows standard application operations to proceed while concurrently transmitting generated logs to the specified DHIS2 instance. These logs are then materialized as events within a DHIS2 program, enabling their analysis through DHIS2’s capture, Event Reports, or other tools. This results in an efficient logging solution based on DHIS2’s robust framework. The versatility of this library extends beyond its primary function. It can be employed in various scenarios, including monitoring extensive backend operations or consolidating operations tracking of multiple DHIS2 applications in a single repository. This session will showcase the library’s diverse applications, illustrating how it can enhance data operation tracking in DHIS2 environments. The integration of this library into the GLASS platform exemplifies our commitment to enhancing data management and operation transparency in global health initiatives. We look forward to demonstrating the library’s capabilities and discussing its potential applications in various DHIS2-based environments.

Primary Author: Ignacio Foche Perez

logs, library, scripting