🎉 Happy New Year, DHIS2 Community! (2023)

2022 was full of energy, community engagement and participation, and the time has come to start a new year with such good energy! Your contribution to the DHIS2 Community of Practice helps others in their experience and contribute to the DHIS2 global good project. Together we can help find solutions, discuss challenges, and share DHIS2 experiences and success stories. Helpful and active community members from around the world help keep the discussion forum live. Thank you for being here! Happy new year to you all!

Thank you to all those who joined the 2022 End of Year Community event. If you missed it, you can watch a recording of the presentations here: End of Year 2022: DHIS2 Community event (webinar and meetup) - YouTube We plan to host more events like this in the future, including community orientations for new users. Please help us plan these events by filling out the feedback form: https://forms.gle/KPVkELv7yg7XXyco8

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Are you visiting the HISP Centre in 2023? #dac2023 Above is a DHIS2 field work picture that is taken from the HISP Centre website homepage (from left Kristin Braa (HISP UiO), Edem Kossi (HISP West and Central Africa), Lamin Jawara (DHIS2 team MoH) and Jørn Braa (HISP UiO)), where and when was this picture taken? The first person to answer correctly will win the “CoP Activity Winner badge.”

Date and location for the DHIS2 field work picture above is:
  • The Gambia in 2012
  • Uganda in 2012
  • Nigeria in 2012
  • South Africa 2012

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Missed the chance to vote? (Reply to this post with a picture from your DHIS2 field work with location and date info of the picture and you’ll get the badge as well :smiley:. Activity is valid until the end of year 2023 (one badge per person!)

So if you are interested in visiting the HISP Centre in 2023, here’s a good reminder for the community, #dac2023 - Save the Date! The 2023 DHIS2 Annual Conference

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BTW, ** End of Year 2022 Community event post was one of the top topics too, thanks to the presenters and all community members who participated: 🧁 You are invited to join the DHIS2 Community End of Year 2022 event

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Complements. It’s been a fruitful year for my exposure to DHIS2. Unfortunately I missed the webinar on creating Immunization Inventory on December 13. I couldn’t get a link to the recorded event. But thanks to the experience I have gathered so far, I was able to build a custom app for data capture for the Inventory Tools I was developing as well as create the Indicators, Visualization and Dashboard. It was a great way to end 2022.

My immediate target for 2023 is to fully implement USSD and SMS with the system and create more comprehensive dashboards.

I want to use this medium to thanks all those who have helped me on my journey to fully understand the working of DHIS2 tool. I look forward to your continue support in the community.


Thank you so much @jetisco4u!

Thank you! The recording is available in the DHIS2 YouTube channel: Webinar on Logistics for Immunization Programmes - YouTube

Amazing! Thank you for sharing! :clap::clap: :heartpulse:


Thanks for sharing the link

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Happy New year to you too @Gassim and looking forward to 2023


Thank you all my friends and colleagues, and wishing all a happy new year filled with success and more achievements across the globe using the fast-growing DHiS2 platform and the most powerful tool and rapid application development platform for data capturing and data analysis…
Thank you @Gassim for your continuous support and dedication :slight_smile:


You’re welcome @jetisco4u!

Thank you @prosper! :heart_eyes:

Thank you @ayman.tuffaha! :heart_eyes:

Happy new year to all … :heartpulse: