Upcoming Android Implementation Academy, Level 2, 11 - 22 March 2022

Dear Community members

The University of Oslo is delighted to announce the Digital DHIS2 Android Implementation Academy to be held from 11 to 22 March 2022.

Mobile implementation is a complex task. The DHIS2 Android Capture App offers a mobile solution for capture of aggregate and Tracker/Event data on Android devices that functions in both online and offline mode.

During this Academy, you will explore all the functionalities and key aspects for a successful configuration of the DHIS2 Android app and associated DHIS2 server to guarantee the best user experience for the front-line worker.

The facilitators will share best practices and lessons learned from existing DHIS2 Android implementations, and will guide you through approaches that are applicable across various projects.

Prerequisite: This is a technical course for implementers/administrators. Completion of a previous Level 1 DHIS2 Academy (or DHIS2 Fundamentals) or equivalent DHIS2 work experience and an extensive knowledge of Tracker are required.

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Is this an online physical training of physical?

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Hi Ottias,

It will be an online Academy.


Hello Alice,

Is this training Free or how much is the fee?
I want to recommend it to my teams.


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Hi Kopano

I confirm the Academy will be conducted free of charge.

Thank you


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Thanks so much.

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Thanks Alice

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Will be only in English ? I need to put our MOH teams in this training but they speak French.



Dear Alice,
Why my registration is not possible
Let me know how I could proceed

Hi Lievain

Yes this training will be conducted in English only.

Thank you

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Kindly share the link to register. I followed the Academy website but I couldn’t see one.

Best regards,

Public Health Professional
**Deputy RI M&E/DHIS2FP (**SPHCMB)
State CBHMIS Officer
Facility IPC Manager (Kano State Task Force on COVID-19)

Dear Maje,

As requested, kindly find the link to register for Upcoming Android Implementation Academy, Level 2, 11 - 22 March 2022

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Dear Mahmoud
Please find the link below for registration
[Digital DHIS2 Android Implementers Academy, Level 2 (dhis2academy)


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On my personal behalf, I would like to thank the Dhis2 Team for the knowledge that the DHIS2 Team has given us in the last few weeks. Thanks in advance


I’m very happy to have participated in the Android Implementation Academy as well! I add my appreciation, great work!

For all those who couldn’t attend or are interested in attending future academies, all the sessions are recorded - see Android Implementation level 2 Academy 2022 Q1 YT playlist: