DHIS2 Rich Text and Video Dashboard Widget

Our app wasn’t a finalist for the app competition, probably because it’s so simple—but it’s simplicity is what makes it useful!

The DHIS2 Rich Text and Video Dashboard Widget provides the ability to add formatted text, tables, links, and videos to your DHIS2 dashboards. This allows for dashboards with much more flexible, complex, informative, and attractive presentation.

Check out our walkthrough video:
DHIS2 Rich Text and Video Dashboard Widget



Just seeing the new thread, copying my initial response here:

@ben your app is great, indeed super simple but very useful. I introduced it to the Laos MoH a few months ago and they were very quick in adopting it.

We rapidly developed a dashboard to provide end-users direct access to the range of support videos, tutorials, and other resources:

The only suggestion I’d have for now is to either remove the label of each item (e.g. “Information” title for YouTube videos is not needed) - or even better, let users specify a title for their item. But that’s just a minor thing really, it’s a great app! I probably would have voted for it :slight_smile:

Bram (PSI)

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Good idea to move these comments here, @bram_piot—thanks!

Copying my reply:

Thanks, @bram_piot! It’s so cool to see the Laos MoH dashboard!

We’ll have an update soon that will remove the Information header for versions of DHIS2 2.36 and later. (Unfortunately, that feature isn’t available for 2.35 or earlier.)

Very nice - I can see this being useful, thanks for sharing @ben

Thanks, @Edward_Robinson!

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By the way, we have two versions of the widget that aren’t yet available on the App Hub, found at:

If you are running DHIS 2.35 or earlier, there isn’t much difference in these versions, but if you are on DHIS 2.36 or later, then 1.0.6 is going to omit the word “Information” at the top of the widget, making for a cleaner Dashboard layout.

We’re working with @austin on getting versions 1.0.5 and 1.0.6 of the widget into the App Hub, but there’s a bug in the uploader that won’t let us add them yet. Hopefully we’ll get that resolved soon!


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As part of #dac2022, we resubmitted the Rich Text and Video Dashboard Widget as we’d added a cool new feature: a nested menu that allows easy navigation for systems with many hierarchical items of interest.

We’ve updated our walkthrough video to show the nested menu. Check it out!
DHIS2 Rich Text and Video Dashboard Widget