We are launching the DHIS2 Aggregate Customization online course

Dear Community Members,

We are happy to announce the launch of the DHIS2 Aggregate Customization course.

With improved design and hands-on exercises, the customization course provides learners a comprehensive introduction on how to customize DHIS2 metadata for the aggregate data model. The course covers topics such as building an organisation unit hierarchy, creating data sets that enable data collection, and configuring disaggregations and indicators to facilitate data analysis.

This is the last course in the aggregate fundamentals series that consists of:

  1. Introduction to DHIS2: learn about what DHIS2 is and how it is used to foster informed decision-making in public health, education, and other fields.
  2. Aggregate Data Capture and Validation: learn how to capture and validate aggregate data in DHIS2.
  3. Aggregate Data Analysis: learn how to use DHIS2’s data visualization tools to create pivot tables, charts, maps and dashboards to analyze aggregate data.
  4. Aggregate customization: learn how to customize a blank DHIS2 system by creating metadata such as organisation units, data elements, categories, data sets and indicators.

These four courses replace the former DHIS2 Fundamentals course and provide better learning experience, expanded curriculum and chance to practice with newer versions of DHIS2.

We are excited to hear your impressions and feedback.

Hope you have a good learning experience!

Kind regards,
The DHIS2 Academy Team


Great news! Thanks @Matthieu and @dhis2-training! :slight_smile:


Great development. I am excited. Thanks Team!

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Bonjour !!!
je suis d’accord pour suivre cette formation.Merci


Aboubacar sylla

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Great! Do we have dates for this course?


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Thank you!

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Je cherche l’installation dans mon PC.

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wow It’s nice thank you

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Hello sir.
Would like to join same.
Dr Ramputty

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:tada: :tada: :tada:
:clap: :clap: :clap: Excited to start the course! Thanks @Matthieu and Academy Team.

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I have finish HISP - GEN-D001-en, as is the requirement to start hisp - GEN-D004-en, but do not have a option to start this new course, as can see in the attachment

Kind regards

Matthieu Pinard via DHIS2 Community <noreply@community.dhis2.org> escreveu no dia terça, 16/08/2022 à(s) 12:47:


This is excellent news, a better expansion of the knowledge needed.

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Message bien reçu

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Can’t Start the course. it shows this missage, You must successfully complete HISP GEN-D001-en before you begin this course. but I have finished HISP - GEN-D001-en, any clue @Gassim @Matthieu ?

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Hi Issufo and @Adisu_Adugna , could you try accessing the Intro course and see if you can request the certificate? Then refresh the site and try to access the Customization course again.

Hi @Martin_E , Yes, I access my Intro Certificate, but there no change on Customization course.

Hi everyone, is anyone here who have already completed the Introduction course able to access the course content for the new Customization course?

@Adisu_Adugna @IBitone if you could email course support at fundamentals-support@dhis2.org we can look into your cases specifically and troubleshoot it.


Great news! Looking forward to taking the new courses.

I have got downloaded my certificate a 1 mounth ago at 7/21/22, 8:08 PM

This is excellent news, a better expansion of the knowledge needed. keep it up