Today (December 15th, 2022) - Academy group photo, community presentations, developer advocate presentation … and more!

Continuing the discussion from :cupcake: You are invited to join the DHIS2 Community End of Year 2022 event: Please join us on zoom today Thursday December 15th, 2022

EoY2022 Webinar and meetup agenda

• Intro and Short Orientation

Important community features and activities! A short and fun presentation presented by @gassim

• Developer Advocate and the Developer Community

Meet @Rene! Who’s Rene, what does he do at DHIS2 and how does that impact you?

• Community Presenters:

Three active and helpful community members present about their experiences in the DHIS2 Community. Presented by @janagha @tuzoengelbert @mutali

• DHIS2 Academy group photo

Congratulations to all DHIS2 Academy participants who completed the four DHIS2 Fundamentals courses series before the end of 2022. We’re taking a group photo with them to congratulate them. :camera: :framed_picture: :partying_face:

• Meetup

Minti, open discussion with presenters, developer community interaction… challenges to win the CoP Activity Winner Badge


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