Dataset custom form advanced requirements

We have 200+ different type of equipment and in each equipment there are tests performed each month. We made a dataset with elements for each equipment and category combination for each type of test (80+ unique test types), and data to be collected as another layer of cat comb (3 numbers).

Now, each facility do not have all equipment, some have 10, some have 5, some have 1. Because of 200+ equipment, the dataset has become quite big - 200 x 80 x 3 = 4800+ fields.

Is there a way to customize the dataset HTML view so that it shows only the equipment that is available in each facility?

I understand your question @Mahmud.

The solution would be since there are commonalities across facilities (many facilities which use the same set of equipment as you mentioned) is to duplicate the dataset for each and assign to facilities accordingly.

What you are requesting has not been a supported use-case, but you can create a jira issue feature request: