Updates to our DHIS2 Academy Program

Hi everyone,

In 2024 we are making some changes to our academy program. This includes a revised model for classifying our courses, new course names, and updated pre-requisites for our existing academy courses. In addition, we are striving to better inform you of our upcoming events by providing more notice for both of our in-person and on-line events that we are having throughout the year.

First, let’s quickly cover our new model for classifying our academies. In our new model, we will no longer use the Level 1 and Level 2 classifications. Instead, we have developed the following 6 categories.

  1. Introduction to DHIS2 : Introduction to DHIS2 is our foundational online course that we recommend for all people who are interested in getting started with DHIS2, who want to refresh their knowledge, or who want to learn more about the larger history and community behind this open-source software project.
  2. DHIS2 Use : Courses within the DHIS2 Use category demonstrate and provide instruction on how the core system features within DHIS2 can be utilized. It’s important to note that DHIS2 Use courses do not provide instruction on how to carry out the majority of configuration tasks in DHIS2 — these are covered by the courses in the DHIS2 Configuration category.
  3. DHIS2 Configuration : Configuration courses mainly focus on the setup, customization and/or maintenance of DHIS2. Configuration courses focus on utilizing the maintenance application in DHIS2 to perform various system administration tasks. Extensions, scripts, apps or other tools that can be used to configure DHIS2 are not within the scope of the courses included in this category - however this is covered in more detail in our “Architecture & Extensions” category.
  4. Domain & Program Management : In this category we focus on two connected areas. Within domain management, the application of specific workflows, tools, and best practices are used to illustrate how DHIS2 can function as an information system within particular domains or sectors (for example, education or logistics). Within program management, courses focus on strategic aspects, including the planning, budgeting, scaling up and evaluation of DHIS2 implementations.
  5. Architecture & Extensions : The architecture & extensions category focuses on a variety of supplementary processes and tools that support a DHIS2 implementation. These courses represent the most IT-centric aspects within the DHIS2 curriculum, requiring prior skills and experience in a diverse range of IT processes for successful completion and cater to those tasked with overseeing specific infrastructure requirements or developing and sustaining workflows and tools that complement the existing functionality of DHIS2.
  6. Conferences : DHIS2 Conferences bring together experts and stakeholders from across a region or around the world for presentations, discussions, networking, and strengthening connections between the DHIS2 core team, the HISP network, and the global DHIS2 community. While the specific geographical and topical focus varies from event to event, the emphasis is always on peer-to-peer sharing of experiences, innovations, insights, and best practices from the real-world use of DHIS2

For a full overview of the courses, including their new course names and descriptions that fit under each model, check out the revised course catalog here.

Second, we have worked together to provide an up-to-date schedule that shows you all of the different events we have planned for the year. There will be additional updates to this schedule as the year progresses and we finalize our plans; for 2024 and beyond it is our intention to sharpen our scheduling processes and make information available to you earlier and more frequently to better plan your attendance at various DHIS2 capacity building events.

Please check out the updated schedule here. This schedule uses our new classification and naming model, and it is therefore recommended you review the new schedule along with the revised course catalog here.

We will have a public webinar on Thursday February 22, 2024 from 14:00-15:00 Oslo time (CET) to more clearly explain all of the changes we have made this year – register here to join this online event. We hope that this will help you better understand our course offerings and plan for attendance throughout the year. Please let us know if you have any feedback on this process as we are always looking for ways to further improve.

On behalf of the HISP UiO training team,

Shurajit, Alice, Max


This is excellent guys!


This is really great to hear :tada:. Looking forward to taking part in as many of these as possible :sunglasses:


Super! Yes, would be great if you could join.

It’ll be starting in less than 25 minutes. You can watch the livestream on this page as well:

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