Program Dataset Connector: PDAC

Part of the Integrating tracker and aggregate data in DHIS2 DAC2021 Session: Wednesday 23nd June 14:00

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Program Dataset Connector: PDAC (DHIS2 Web-app)

Linking tracker and aggregate data models to enhance tracker analytics

Hi, my name is Pete and I’m a software engineer working at BAO Systems, currently living close to Cambridge (UK). I thought up the idea for this application in early 2021, developed it using the DHIS2 application platform and have been using it in my work with clients at BAO.

In the presentation I will be demonstrating how to create advanced tracker analytics by piping tracker data into the aggregate data model using a combination of the PDAC app, program indicators and indicators. This allows tracker data to make use of disaggregations in a way not possible using the tracker data model alone.

With this data flow, the power of program indicators in tracker and complex disaggregations in aggregate work together to give an extremely useful way of viewing tracker analytics, making it easier to spot trends and patterns in the data and help make better data driven decisions.

During the presentation I will show how a normal DHIS2 tracker analytics setup can be enhanced using the app, I will cover the following topics:

  • Initial setup required on the aggregate side
  • How to create program indicators for disaggregations by hand
  • Demonstrate the growing complexity of this method
  • Show how the PDAC app is used to automate this process using category option filters
  • See the program indicators, indicators and indicator groups outputted by the app
  • Understand how these are linked to the aggregate configuration
  • Show the data transfer process and final result

The presentation was held on Wednesday the 23 June, 14:00 – 15:00 CEST

The app will be submitted to the app hub soon, but in the mean time it can be found in github:


Thank you @plinnegan for this very timely information. Please, when is the presentation?

Hi @ifeanyiokoye great question! My presentation will be on Wednesday 23 June, 14:00 – 15:00 CEST. I will update the main post with this as well.

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Questions during the session (from the zoom chat):

From @luciafm:
@Olav are they all in the DHIS2 Hub app? Having a easy way to find them all and see what each does will be great! Also to avoid duplicating functionalities as they aps move along. We have quite a to do list for MD Sync, will be great in any of these functions are already addressed by other apps

From @Olav:
@luciafm at least one in the app hub, one I think in review for being added to the app hub

From @Rod:
@Olav - where do you plan to publish the inventory of data/metadata sync apps ?
From @luciafm:
I echo Rod’s question

From @Derebe:
Is this App available in App hub?

From @Olav:
Yes, we’re working on updating the implementation guidance on this topic, and the current plan is to also include pointers to relevant tools there.

From @luciafm:
@plinnegan: is the code of your app open source?

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@Derebe @luciafm The app is open source, you can find it on github here:

You can find the built app in the releases section on the github page, but it has not yet been published to the app hub. Hopefully within the next month it will be available though.

Recording of the session can be found here:

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It seems that PDAC is not yet supported by version 2.36 of dhis 2. The list of indicators is not displayed.
Or may be I miss something in the configuration ?


Hi Mamadou,

Correct some versions of 2.36 are not supported. There is a bug in DHIS2 2.36 where the !like operator in the api doesn’t work. This means when the app sends a request to get the available program indicators it returns nothing. There is an issue in JIRA here for this work, and it’s been fixed in 2.36.4, so please try upgrading to this patch version if possible.



Hello @plinnegan

Ok I see, thank you so much.

2.36.4 is not yet available on the dhis 2 download page.


Version 2.36.4 was released yesterday. PDAC is working very well, thank you very much.


Great! Glad to hear it’s working for you now :+1:

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Hi everyone, thank you for this contribution.

I would like to know if it works with DHIS2 version 2.35.8 because unfortunately on my side after its installation the homepage of the app remains white without anything

Welcome to the community @Joelangaman! :tada::tada:

It does say that it’s compatible with version 2.35, so maybe you could see if there is any error in the Console and Network logs in your Browser’s Developer Tools? Thanks!

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Hi @Gassim and thank for this reply, yes i get some error like that :
“You need to enable JavaScript to run this app.”
Please, do you have a lead to give me ???

Thanks !!!


the issue is on your browser

Do you have addBlock or other plugins/configs that might bloc the JS ?


Hello @pmpdelcroix,

No no I don’t have any plugin that blocks the execution of JS.
I even changed my browser and computer but still the same.
Could it be a configuration related to the server?

@Joelangaman Might be worth checking if other app platform apps give you the same message, or if these other apps work (then we could narrow it down).

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this message is coming from the html page that should load the javascript of the app: if the app loads then this page is not displayed but if the js doesn’t load (blocked, crashed, error) then the browser fallback the pure html content : the message you see.

What I would suggest if it is the only app that fails (see @plinnegan message) is for you to go in dev mode (f12 in many browser) and look in the console if there is red lines


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Hello, i am using PDAC app and i managed to map data in one org unit but i am wondering how i can map data in more than one orgunit at the same time with multiple period of time, need your support

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Hi there :wave:

If you want to map data from multiple organisation units, you need to create an organisation unit group containing all the organisation units you want to map data from, then in the export url, reference this organisation unit group rather than an individual organisation unit:


See the docs for more details!


Morning Pete, thank you for your support, i managed to map data, but again i have a challenge for data element with category options ( eg: male and Female), i was wondering which program indicator to choose/put in mapping when we have data elements with categories?