Program Dataset Connector: PDAC

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For example, if your aim is to get the number of patients with X, disaggregated by male and female. The program indicator you use in the PDAC app should only count the number of patients with X (and should not include and filtering on male or female). As the app will generate the program indicators with the gender disaggregations for you.

What happened if the app is not autogenerating the disagragations program indicators? and what to do ? or the name of the data element should be the same as the PI?

The name of the DE and PI do not need to match, I’m afraid there is not enough detail in your question to provide a solution for you. Please could you make a screen recording of your process and share it so we can better understand the problem.

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hello Peter, eg. i wanted to map data element with category options, and the program indicators with disaggregations by sexe is not generated by the app?

That all looks correct so far. Are you able to click the save button after entering the Female disaggregation filter? What happens when you click generate mapping on the main page after this? Do you get any particular kind of error message?

Hello @plinnegan

with DHIS version, i can generate mapping but with DHIS version 2.37.4, it is not generating data, is the version not supporting the PDC app? thank you

@gastonharera Can you recreate this problem on play?

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