MetaData Sync app 2.2.0 now available

MetaData Sync app 2.2.0

MetaData Sync is a DHIS2 webapp imagined and designed to simplify and automate the process of sending data and metadata from one DHIS2 instance to one or several other DHIS2 implementations. Because each instance of DHIS2 is a self-contained environment, and sharing data and metadata across multiple implementations can be a challenging and laborious process, MetaData Sync is the answer to making this process more efficient!

MetaData Sync can:

  • Compare two or more DHIS2 instances, map their metadata and save the mapping!
  • Send data from one instance to another, making all necessary transformations automatically on the fly!
  • Keep selected metadata synchronized between instances!

We are announcing the new release version 2.2.0 of MetaData Sync.

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New Features

This new version of Metadata Synchronization app includes the following new features:

  • Improve mapping:
    • Applies mapping to DE within indicator numerator and denominator
    • Applies mapping to Category Options and Group Set in dashboard
  • Add more information to summary
  • Create package for specific versions
  • Improve styling in notification section
  • Refactor dashboard layout
  • Update permissions for modules and packages
  • Add new step in metadata sync rule to select metadata based on a pattern: metadata type, regex for name, code, description, last updated, created, sharing settings, etc
  • Add new mapping types: CategoryOptionGroup, CategoryOptionGroupSet and Category
  • Add mapping logic for nested programs-dataElements and dataElements-categoryOptionCombos
  • Add support for mapping complex dashboard properties
  • Enhance readability of from/to instance selector
  • Update scheduler with latest changes
  • Switch presentation folders
  • Add program indicator expression mapping
  • Include selected organisation unit in organisation unit table
  • Bugfixes: please find the detail of bugs in the detailed release notes

  • Release Information Links
    Project webpage Link
    Installable zip file Download
    Online documentation Link
    Source code on Github Download
    MDSync video View

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    @ifoche thank you for that, when I tried it I see the below. what is your advice?

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    Hi @Derebe you can go ahead with that migration. It is only ensuring that the information of the app stored in the datastore is in the format that need to be stored. As it’s the first installation in your instance anyway it won’t transform anything

    Just to complete with an explanation of what’s that for. That’s an internal system the app has, so when there’s a new version of MDSync App, and it stores the information differently, then the app itself takes care of migrating the way that information is stored so it’s compatible with the new version.

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    Thank you @ifoche! Appreciated. I have also used your bulk upload app which I appreciate very much too.


    Very glad that you liked it! Thanks for sharing your experience

    @ifoche I have a problem in installing the D2-docker? I am using 2.33. I see people like me (blind to IT) can upgarde DHIS2 instances. is that a right assumption?

    Hi @Derebe. to some extent, yes. d2-docker is still a command-line tool, so you will need to work a bit with commands. If that doesn’t scares you, then the beauty of d2-docker is that you can in a couple of commands, create a local copy of any DHIS2 instance that you have, and then you can use the same data with a different DHIS2 version, without destroying the data itself.

    I think if you’re really far from IT knowledge, then yet some little training might be needed to be able to fully understand, because for d2-docker we still didn’t generate screencast videos to show how it works.

    Why we say that non-IT can deploy DHIS2 instances is because the step you need to do from not knowing anything and being able to launch a DHIS2 and even upgrade as you said, is really short. But the first time you try to operate with it, you might struggle a bit if you don’t have an IT close to you

    Thanks! Will try it but when I tried to install the app you shared it failed. what do you think is the reason?

    sorry @Derebe I’m not sure if you’re now referring to d2-docker or MDSync. remember d2-docker is not a DHIS2 app, it’s a command-line tool whose installation process is described in its guide, linked from this post in the community. If you find any issues with d2-docker, I would suggest to continue that conversation there:

    …and to describe a bit more in detail the error you’re having so we can try to help you

    @ifoche thank you!