D2-docker command-line tool 1.0.9 now available

d2-docker 1.0.9

d2-docker is a multi-platform command-line EyeSeeTea docker-compose wrapper. It facilitates the work with DHIS2 instances, giving the user control of the instances while making the most common operations (backups, interaction with DB, war files upgrade, copy, machine start, etc) easier. It is especially useful for testing and training purposes, as well as a local backend for apps developers

d2-docker can:

  • Generate a clean DHIS2 local instance in a couple of commands and minutes
  • Export, import, copy, access to its DB, apply startup scripts, upgrade and a big etc to those local instances
  • Run on any OS (Windows, OSX, Linux)

We are announcing the new release version 1.0.9 of d2-docker.

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New Features

This new version of d2-docker command-line tool includes the following new features:

  • Show context path in d2-docker list command

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