Limiting the data entry periods for a dataset


Is there a way to limit the data entry periods that appear in the data entry app for a given dataset? I have a monthly dataset which I want to open from March 2018 to the present day. I thought that I could achieve this using the “Data Input Periods” option in the dataset configuration, however, even after adding my required periods here, all other periods remain open in the data entry app. I feel like I might be missing a step. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I do not think there is a way of limiting the data entry periods that show on the data entry screen but perhaps you could suggest it on JIRA.

Using 2.30 and above you can limit the period of data entry to what your deem necessary by using the “Data Input Periods”, this does not limit periods from being seen in data entry but it will generate an error in those periods that have been excluded. See image attached

To define Data Input Period of your dataset (see image below)

  1. Set the period Type (Monthly)

  2. Define the Data Input Period (by entering Year and Month)

  3. Define the Opening and Closing date (Optional)

  4. Confirm

  5. Fill Other details of the Dataset and Save

Let me know if this is helpful.


Thank you for the very clear explanation - this is super helpful! It’s a shame the functionality doesn’t actually hide the periods in data entry - I think a jira request is in order as you suggested.



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Could this also work for a daily entry data set. Search that entry for a month can happen all the days within the current month up to the 11th day of the next month.

It appears that I need to add all individual days for this to work.