Lock DHIS2 aggregated data set for further Data entry - Retire a data set

Dear all experts

How can you retire a data set which will be no longer will be used for data entry; but will available for report and audit (data set report)? I know how to block in earlier version, DHIS2 version 29; but how can we do in version DHIS2 33? Need urgent help.


Hi @Hannan ,

I think “Data Input Periods” can be considered for that. I did not find the respective docs for the Maintenance app, but the Android app docs say:

Allows you to set a specific range of dates for a period’s data-entry, and prevents data capture for periods outside of this date range.
-Data Sets - DHIS2 Documentation

Also there seems to be a similar thread here: Limiting the data entry periods for a dataset

Thanks David.

That’s I know that.

My question can rephrased as “How to ‘Retire’ a dataset?” In earlier version 29 and before we used a technique, which is no more in use in version 33.

Anyone have any idea?