📚 July 2023 #copmonthly, Community Members Love Learning and Sharing

Thanks to all community members, the copmonthly post is always enriched with the honor to present community contributions on a monthly basis. Thank you all for showing support to the DHIS2 Community of Practice, sharing your knowledge, challenges, and experiences keeps this open and public community vibrant. In the copmonthly post we tag helpful members, feature finders, and bug hunters as well as the top 10 active users to thank them for their participation. The top topic of the month is also presented along with other interesting topics. Additionally, we’ve recently started the new DHIS2 Challenges (please check it out below). Thank you!

Top Topics in the Community for July 2023

Last month’s developer meetup was attended by over 50 members and HISP Indonesia made an awesome presentation, the top topic of the month is the post for that presentation:

Additionally, there are several interesting topics that received attention:

Looks like community members are interested in learning as these course announcement topics received a lot of attention:

The Introduction to DHIS2 online digital self-paced course is available in French: Lancement du cours en ligne Introduction à DHIS2 dans la version française! and it’s also available in Spanish: Abiertas las inscripciones en el curso online "Introducción a DHIS2"

The Maps online digital course provided by HISP SA: Maps App - instructions for Moodle course

Additionally, learning is not limited to courses, the DHIS2 community continues to remain active in the field - here’s an event announcement that received attention too: DHIS2 Symposium 2024: CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - Submit Now!

Finally, the news announcement posted by HISP SA for anyone interested in DHIS2 cloud hosting: HISP South Africa Hosting Services


In last month’s challenge the first person to vote the correct answer was: @Ulanbek :tada: Congratulations! All who participated receive the CoP Activity Winner badge today. To see last month’s challenge and view the answers click here.

The challenge for this month (July 2023):

Thank you for participating in the monthly challenge. Your continued participation will help us expand on this activity (and feedback with ideas or questions is always welcome.) Many community members already use play.dhis2.org on the web browser, but did you know that these demo instances are accessible with accounts created specifically for Android Capture app? Yes, there’s a specific account which has been customized for the Android Capture app which you can use to login to the instances in play.dhis2.org.

Hope you give this simple challenge a try, and you are welcome to be as creative as you like in the post reply. Members who respond to the challenge before the next month’s copmonthly will receive the CoP Activity Winner badge.

In addition to choosing the correct answer to the question below, feel free to share a post on how you use the Android Capture app or the online demo instances! :grin::heart_eyes::+1:

The Android credentials for the demo instances are:
  • admin / district
  • android / district
  • android / Android123
  • admin / android
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[First person to answer correctly will be mentioned in the next copmonthly]

HINT: If you don’t know what the Android credentials to the demo instances are, you can look in the release posts in the #announcement category. :wink:

Top 10 Active Users in July 2023

Username Name country
@amalg amal INDIA
@Matthew_Boddie Matthew Boddie DOMINICA
@jamal_aljadan Mohammad Jamal Al Jadan SYRIA
@dmbantu davuya MOZAMBIQUE
@lnfregos Lauren Fregosi UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
@ctejo Carlos Tejo SPAIN
@Eyuel_Nigussie Eyuel Nigussie ETHIOPIA

# And thanks to all helpful members (June 2023),

Good Samaritans

Without Good Samaritans, there’s no community! We are very thankful to all users for contributing to the CoP especially when helping other users. Samaritans, thank you for making others feel at home!
@Ulanbek | @Stephan_Mestach | @Gerald_Thomas | @jthomas | @jamal_aljadan | @Daler | @medallion | @e4eDHIS2 | @sami12111 | @Eyuel_Nigussie | @redet | @Prabhjot | @janagha | @Mayamiko | @SamuelJohnson | @didate | @Norah_Stoops | @Ben_K | @Matthew_Boddie | @antony.sibanda | @Paul | @nitu | @alkhshbi | @mykbitz | @agabagrgry | @mutali | @jomutsani | @riwaj.amakomaya | @sekiskylink | @Andrew_Kabala | @julhas | @ifoche |

Bug Hunters

Many users who faced issues and discussed them with the community were very helpful in finding bugs. These bug hunters create Jira issues (with link to the CoP post) and support the development of DHIS2.
@Saysana_SB | @monika | @didate | @Thomas_Warichet

Feature Finders

We do tag feature finders in every copmonthly so if you have features that you’d like to share and discuss with the community feel free to make a post in the Development - Développement category as well as share the link to the dhis2.atlassian.net feature request issue so other members can watch and vote. :+1:

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Want to be added to the copmonthly map?

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  2. Members with the above info are tagged in the map when they help other community members


Thank you for the recognition @Gassim. It is always exciting and nice to contribute in ways that help others.

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You’re welcome @Mayamiko! Big thanks to you :heart_eyes:

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@jthomas , @joseph , @birkbjo , @Rene , @nnkogift , @Matthew_Boddie Correct! :partying_face:

@Shapr0019 , @tiha , @Felisberto_Alique , @ericchingalo , that works but it isn’t exactly the account configured for android.

Could anyone tell what’d be the difference between an account that is configured for android and an account that isn’t? :smile:

@Matthieu :sweat_smile: the first vote is the officially configured demo account for android :pray:

Thank you all so much for participating! I hope you can have a look at this month’s DHIS2 Challenges. If you haven’t it’s about DHIS2 Maps (and the question is from the DHIS2 Aggregate Data Analysis Fundamentals course). See you there, 💌 #copmonthly's second anniversary, not a single month without helpful community members! August 2023 #copmonthly

:slight_smile: :heartpulse:

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