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(Nayeem Al Mifthah) #86

I am Nayeem Al Mifthah, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh supporting DHIS2 implementation in Bangladesh, Asia and the Pacific, and African countries. With public health, ICT and planning related educational background, I am working with HISP Bangladesh as HIS Specialist and other organizations on HMIS.

(James Omutsani) #87

This is good news @SeanBlaschke! Thank you for sharing the invite with the team!

(James Omutsani) #88

So happy to have you here @mkmahmud. You are in the right place.

(James Omutsani) #89

Welcome aboard @Nayeem_Al_Mifthah!


Hello! I’m Rebecca Potter and I work as a technical adviser for PSI in Southeast Asia (based in Lao PDR), I’ve managed DHIS2 implementations in six countries in Asia, and now spend a lot of my time working on malaria surveillance.

I’m very happy to be a part of this great community. When I’m not logged in to DHIS2, I like :pizza::musical_score::beach_umbrella:


Hello Community

I work as Health Informatics Specialist at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, which implements DHIS2 in various implementation/consultancy projects.

Looking forward to make good use of this CoP.

Best regards

Gonçalo Castro

(James Omutsani) #92

Hi @Rebecca!
It’s nice to have you here! Your skills and experience in implementing DHIS2 in the countries you have supported will be highly appreciated here in the CoP for the various discussions and support users are sharing!


(James Omutsani) #93

Welcome aboard @Goncalo_Castro!

We hope to learn from your vast experience in implementing DHIS2 from the different consultancies you have offered!


(Damasceno Lopes) #94

Hi all,

My name is Damasceno Lopes and I am from Mozambique, I am currently working on Friends in Global Health affiliate of Vanderbilt University as Health Information System Officer, supporting the implementantion of DHIS2 for: collecting and reporting data of PEPFAR Monitoring and Evatuation (MER) and store data from other systems.

I am happy to join the Community of Pratice.

(James Omutsani) #95

Welcome to the Community @damasceno.lopes!

(Terence Scott) #96

Hi All.

I am Terence Scott and I work with the Global Alliance for Rabies Control. We work in all rabies-endemic countries globally and we have been using DHIS2 to build a rabies-specific surveillance system for countries. The system we are developing is based on both human and animal health surveillance, linking the two in a One Health capacity.

Specifically, we work throughout Africa (presently in over 40 countries), Asia (15 countries) and the Middle East and eastern Europe.

(Haron) #97

Hi all,

I am Haron Njiru, I am working with UNICEF Somalia supporting implementation of DHIS and overall health systems strengthening in Somalia.

I’m happy to join the COP.


Hello everybody,

This is Ignacio Foche from EyeSeeTea Ltd. We’re a European software development company working since almost 4 years with DHIS2 Web & Android technologies. We started developing DHIS2-related software at the beginning of DHIS2 Android Apps, and since then we have done several things both in Web & Android technologies in collaboration with some very well known organisations like PSI, PATH, NRC, WHO, MSF… Some of our developments that may be of interest are:

  • 9 Android apps that sync their information with DHIS2 (HNQIS, EDS, some Malaria Case Surveillance Apps…)
  • Some Web Apps to facilitate DHIS2 administration (Dataset Configuration, User Extended App, Project Manager, Project Configuration…)
  • Some contributions to DHIS2 core (Interpretations App, Analytics tools, Maps App, Dashboard…) & stabilization and maintenance during last year of the Official UiO Android Apps and some derivatives for custom needs.

For more detailed information, please don’t hesitate to visit our website, our twitter or our github to check our code, that is all Open Source and available.

We are very excited to be here with you all sharing knowledge and learning from you all. Thank you to all who made it possible!

(Ben Idrissa TRAORE) #99

Hi Matthieu!, congratulations for the
course on fundamentals . We are looking forward to the advanced levels!


(Morley Mujansi) #100

I am happy to be here. I am Morley from Zambia. I am currently working for #Akros. I provide end user support to MoH dhis2 implementation.

(Ameko Asiwome) #101

Am Asiwome from Ghana. Unemployed for now. I had the privilege to use dhi2 during my undergraduate internships and also completed the dhis2 fundamentals online academy. I find it very interesting how dhis2 is being used to improve health decisions. Am determined to explore user capabilities and any dhis2 research areas. I have a bachelor’s of public health (health information management) . Available for related job offers.
Thanks community.

(John Francis Mukulu) #102

I’m John Francis Mukulu, from Tanzania, open source developer and Linux enthusiast, working with university of Dar es salaam.

I’ve been involved in rather too many areas of dhis, from trainings, design and development, documentation, marketing to innovations of mobile and web world of dhis, challenging what’s possible, bringing tomorrow today. And so much more…

(Eric Munyambabazi) #103

:wave: Another wonderful platform to foster the use and support for DHIS2 Implementations…Thanks for being creative in making this happen.

(M.Selvaraaj Prabu) #104

Hello everyone,

I am Selvaraj Muthusamy aka MSP. I work as Information Systems Specilist at PCI, Botswana. We have customised DHIS2 to manage our OVC database and mainly we are using Tracker.

Basically I am a software guy having lot of experience in bespoke software applications development using MS technologies. So, I took time to adjust myself to DHIS2 and now feel like settled.

This platform looks better than Jira and I truly hope it will allow me to search the knowledge base easily and find solutions. I am so keen to learn everything about DHIS2 and become a guru soon. Recently attended 2 Academies and learned a lot from the pros and hope to learn a lot more through this platform.

I like to help people through community services and I feel very happy and proud by joining PCI and DHIS2 community.

(James Omutsani) #105

Welcome to the community DHIS2ers!

Feel free to visit the various Categories in this platform and contribute to the various discussions as we support each other to implement in the best way possible!