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(Derebe Tadesse) #66

Hi all,
My name is Derebe. I am based in Addis Ababa. I ma currently designing DHIS2 event program for routine facility follow up. I completed the DHIS2 tracker academy in Zanzibar last week. follow me in twitter via

(Hanin Saadah) #67

Hi DHIS2 community,

I’m Hanin Saadah from Palestine, work as a system implementer for DHIS2 at Palestinian National Institute of Public Health (PNIPH).I’ve built many programs (tracker & events), aggregate reports and joined the community to make the best use of the information and add it to my knowledge.


(Gintare) #68

Hi all!

I am part of dhis2 testing team, mostly focusing on test automation. Originally from Lithuania, but now based at UiO, Oslo.

I am very new to dhis2, started just 2 months ago, so I’m happy to join this community and learn from all of you :slightly_smiling_face:

(Kelvin Murumba) #69

Welcome @Gintare. We are happy to have you :handshake:

(Jan Henrik Øverland) #70

Hi all,

I am the DHIS2 analytics team lead, based at UiO in Oslo. I have been around since the early days of DHIS2, mostly focusing on data visualization. Happy to see the community growing :slight_smile:

(James Omutsani) #71

It’s nice to have you on board @jan! Your skills and expertise will be highly appreciated here :smile:


Hi Scott, nice to meet you once again. It is Hassan from Somalia who attended WHO data quality app academy training held in Kigali, Rwanda three months back. I would like to know regarding the logistic management Information System you are working on. our country is planning to develop LMIS and i would like to know if we can integrate this system to our DHIS2 platform that we are currently using.


(Trad Hatton) #73

Greetings. I am Trad Hatton, Country Director of the NGO PATH in the DR Congo. PATH presently supports the DRC Ministry of Health with the Emergency Operations Center in Kinshasa which serves as strategic-level data management and data visualization center for the Ebola outbreak response. The MoH and WHO support the Beni-epicenter EOC.

We work with our MoH counterparts in maintaining the MoH DHIS2 Ebola dashboard and are always looking to improve its functionality and utility for decision-makers. We are also hoping to strengthen mobile data collection using DHIS2 tracker for contact tracing and vaccine campaign tracing but have been confronted with technical challenges. We hope to bring additional PATH and MoH staff top this discussion board to enhance DHIS2 Ebola dashboard and mobile data collection.

(Yamuna Shrestha) #74

Hi, I am Yamuna Shrestha from Nepal. Working as Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist.

(James Omutsani) #75

Hi @TradHatton! It’s so nice to have you on board!

(James Omutsani) #76

Welcome to the CoP @Yamuna!

(Scott Russpatrick) #77

@HMIS Nice to hear from you. Yes, we are working on a few LMIS projects at the moment and are continually developing new features to better cover the use-case. I’m uploading here a document that describes our logistics work in Kenya also I’m attaching how dhis2 can be configured to calculated key logistics indicators that we made for West Africa. For logistics our strategy is to be able to cover the reporting and indicator calculations for logistics at facility and community levels. DHIS2 is not well suited for warehouse management or supply chain tracking. For those we suggest using [OpenLMIS, which has interoperability with DHIS2.]. Please feel to reach out to me at so we can talk about your specific requirements. ( Uni of Oslo LMIS.pdf (1.1 MB)
. WA Possible LMIS Cacluations.docx (27.9 KB)
cStock Project Description.docx (991.5 KB)

(Anne ) #78

Hello! I work for IRC based in NY. I am new to the tech side, and am entirely self taught, but have been working on the data that goes into and comes out of DHIS2 for some time. My area of expertise in is health, but now am responsible for measurement across all of our sectors. Looking forward to learning from everyone!

(Nguza Yikona) #79

Hi Community,

I’m Nguza Yikona and I work for Akros Zambia.
I’m part of the Informatics team responsible for configuration and maintenance of the DHIS2 databases. We also support and orientate the end-user on DHIS2.

I’m excited to to be part of this great community!

(James Omutsani) #80

Welcome @aclangston to the Community! We are glad to have you here!
We have users and developers of DHIS2 all under one roof ready to support you.

(James Omutsani) #81

Hello @Nguza_Yikona We are happy to have you here! Being an expert user, your invaluable input to discussions in all areas you are proficient in will be highly appreciated!

(Sean Blaschke) #82

Great to join the DHIS2 Community! My name is Sean Blaschke, and I work with UNICEF as the Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office Technology for Development Business Analyst. Within this region, we are supporting 19 countries deploy DHIS2, and are working with the Oslo team to develop a number of new decision support and management tools into the platform.

(James Omutsani) #83

So great to have you here @SeanBlaschke! We would love to have your country teams aboard for real-time learning, support and discussions on DHIS2!

(Sean Blaschke) #84

@jomutsani - Invitations just went out to all of our country teams this morning (as well as other regional offices). Hoping they will join the community!

(Khaled Mahmud) #85

Hi all, I am Khaled Mahmud, ICT Manager, UNICEF Eastern and Southern African Regional Office. I am here to learn.

Best regards